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Colorado Rockies: Bringing Mile High A World Series


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Colorado Rockies have been longing for a championship, or at least a playoff spot, well here it is "Bring Mile High A Championship" presented by basballfanatik9. I'll be posting everyday stats and include pictures, lets hope all the Rockies fans and players get what they have wanted for a while now.

My Game Settings

Difficulty.: All Star

Sliders.: One I mixed up.

Version.: PC with Patch 3

Rosters.: Ultimate Rosters v. 2.35 (I edited some things)

Others.: Strike Zone ON, Hot Cold ON, Pitch Cursor FADE

Hope you like it, I can't wait to get started.

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Colorado Rockies Roster


1. Aaron Miles.:2nd Baseman

2. Clint Barmes.:Shortstop

3. Todd Helton.:1st Baseman

4. Preston Wilson.:Center Field

5. Matt Holliday.:Left Field

6. Brad Hawpe.:Right Field

7. Garret Atkins.:3rd Baseman

8. J.D. Closser.:Catcher

9. Pitcher's spot


1. Cory Sullivan.:Outfielder

2. Dustan Mohr.:Outfielder

3. Desi Relaford.:Infielder

4. Luis A. Gonzalez.:Infielder

5. Todd Greene.:Catcher

Starting Rotation

1. Jason Jennings.:Right Handed Pitcher

2. Joe Kennedy.:Left Handed Pitcher

3. Shawn Chacon.:Right Handed Pitcher

4. Jeff Francis.:Left Handed Pitcher

5. Jamey Wright.:Right Handed Pitcher


Blaine Neal.:Long Relief Pitcher

Byung-Hyun Kim.:Middle Relief Pitcher

Marcos Carvajal.:Middle Relief Pitcher

Jay Witasick.:Middle Relief Pitcher

Scott Dohmann.:Middle Relief Pitcher

Brian Fuentes.:Setup Man

Chin-Hui Tsao.:Closer

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Rocky Mountain News

Helton's Big Bat Couldn't Help the Rockies

Colorado Rockies started the season off with a 3-2 lost to the San Diego Padres. SP Jason Jennings had first inning jitters, allowing 3 runs on 5 hits, including a triple from Padres outfielder Brian Giles. But the Rockies didn't give up yet, Todd Helton had a great game, going 3 for 4 with 1 double and 2 singles. After the first inning, Jennings was lights out, only allowing 4 hits and no runs. Clint Hurdle said "Well, we know what we have to work with, we have 161 games left, I have a really good feeling this year." SP Jake Peavy for San Diego had a good showing, going 7 innings, allowing 2 runs on 9 hits. The Rockies hope to get even in the series as the take on the Padres in game 2.

Box Score

	 R	H	E

SD   3	9	1

COL  2	10   1


Above Left: Rockies' Todd Helton showing what he does with the bat. Above Right: Padres' Dave Roberts sliding into home, scoring the 1st run of the game.

Notable Stats

Colorado Rockies

Todd Helton.: 3 for 4, Double, 2 singles, 1 RBI

Doubles.: (1)C. Barmes, (1) A.Miles, (1) T. Helton

RBI's.: (1)T. Helton, (1) M. Holliday

San Diego Padres

Ryan Klesko & Ramon Hernandez both went 2 for 4.

Triple.: (1) B. Giles

RBI's.: (1) B. Giles, (1) P. Nevin, (1) R. Klesko

Pitching Stats

W- Jake Peavy (1-0)

L- Jason Jennings (0-1)

S- Trevor Hoffman (1)

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Good luck with the Rockies. My Rockie dynasty is still going and the team is not too bad except for the "blow" pen!

Yea, that's true, Rockies have some good prospects in both lineup and rotation (Barmes & Francis), and with Helton's big bat, hopefully the team can supply a power surge.

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Rocky Mountain News

Rockies Don't Get Mad, They Get Even

The Rockies started off like last game, Joe Kennedy allowed 3 runs on 4 hits, including 2 homeruns, one from Mark Loretta on the 1st pitch and then from Ramon Hernandez all in the 1st inning. Woody Williams was pitching pretty good. The Padres were leading 4-2 until the 7th inning, when the Rockies had a power surge. The Rockies went out on a vengeance, coming back and winning the game 7-4. Homeruns weren't a problem for the Rockies, they had 3 HR's including a Grand Slam from Todd Helton. Rookie sensation Clint Barmes had a good game himself, going 3 for 5 with 1 HR, 2 singles, and a key walk. Joe Kennedy got the win, after struggling through the first couple innings, he finished off strong and was the key to the win. Todd Helton said "Today was a great win, I felt really good, and if we play like this every game, we have a chance to finish on top." The Rockies take on the San Francisco Giants next series.


Above Left.: Todd Helton is ecstatic after hitting a Grand Slam that put the Rockies up by 3, and was key to the win. Above Right.: Aaron Miles makes a stellar diving play, which was key to the Rockies defense.

Notable Stats

Colorado Rockies

Todd Helton.: 2 for 4, Double, Grand Slam, 4 RBI's

Doubles.: (2) T. Helton, (1) P. Wilson

Triple.: (1) G. Atkins

RBI's.: (5) T. Helton, (2) M. Holliday, (1) C. Barmes

HR's.: (1) M. Holliday, (1) Todd Helton, (1) C. Barmes

San Diego Padres

Khalil Greene.: 2 for 4, 2 Triples, 1 RBI

Triples.: (2) Khalil Greene,2

HR's.: (1) M. Loretta, (1) R. Hernandez, (1) R. Klesko

RBI's.: (1) Khalil Greene, (1) M. Loretta, (1) R. Hernandez, (2) R. Klesko

Pitching Stats

W- Joe Kennedy (1-0)

L- Scott Linebrink (0-1)

S- Chin-Hui Tsao (1)

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Rocky Mountain News

Miles Shows The Giants Who's Boss

The Colorado Rockies defeated the San Francisco Giants in dramatic fashion. The game was close, with not many hits being allowed. But Aaron Miles had a great game. He went 2 for 3 with 2 RBI's, one from a sac fly and then from a homerun in the 9th inning to win the game. After the game Miles said "Today was my day, I felt good this morning while hitting in the cages, and it showed, I hope to do this more often." Shawn Chacon pitched a great game, he pitched a solid 7.1 innings, only allowing one run off of 6 hits. Jay Witasick got the win, after Miles smacked one into McCovey Cove. Noah Lowry also pitched a decent game, despite Aaron Miles, who hit him well. The Rockies lead the series 1-0, and hope to extend their winning streak to 3 games.

Box Score

	 R  H  E

COL  2  5  0	

SF   1  8  0


Above Left.:Rockies are happy after Aaron Miles hits a homerun in the top of the 9th inning. Above Right.: 5, Matt Holliday, 17, Todd Helton, and 27 Garret Atkins congratulate each other after the victory.

Colorado's Record.:2-1

Notable Stats

Colorado Rockies

Aaron Miles.: 2 for 3, 1 HR, 2 RBI's, SF

Double.: (1) T. Greene (advanced to 3rd on a error)

HR.: (1) A. Miles

RBI's.: (2) A. Miles, 2

Sac Fly.: (1) A. Miles

San Francisco Giants

Ray Durham.:1 for 3, Double, RBI

Doubles.: (2) R. Durham

3B.: (1) M. Grissom

RBI.: (3) R. Durham

Sac Fly.: (1) R. Durham

Pitching Stats

W- Jay Witasick (1-0)

L- Armando Benitez (0-1)

S- Chin-Hui Tsao (2)

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Rocky Mountain News

Giants Let the Bats do the Talking

The Colorado Rockies suffered a tough 9-6 loss to the San Francisco Giants. The Giants had the bats alive tonight scoring 9 runs. Edgardo Alfonzo and Marquis Grissom both contributed with 2 run homers. Jeff Francis started the game, and was looking good until the Giants bats came out. Clint Hurdle said "I don't know what to say, everytime we scored they came back with more, they were very much alive tonight." The bullpen caused lots of problems for the Rockies, Byung Hyun Kim had the lead when he entered in the 6 inning and then he came apart. This was a crucial lost for the Rockies, now they must seek into their bullpen for some help. On a side note, Todd Helton did well in the game with 2 homeruns, one a 480 FT blast into McCovey Cove. The series is tied 1-1, and the Rockies hope to come through and take the series with them.


Above Left.:Todd Helton hit his 2nd homerun in the game. Above Right.: Edgardo Alfonzo hit a blast that put the Giants ahead.

Colorado Rockies- 2-2.: .5 game behind the Giants

Notable Stats

Colorado Rockies

Todd Helton.: 3 for 4, 2 HR's, 1 single, 2 RBI's

Doubles.: (2) A. Miles, (2) P. Wilson, (1) J.D. Closser, (1) J. Francis

HRs.: (3) T. Helton,2 (1) B. Hawpe

RBIs.: (4) A.Miles,2 (7) T. Helton,2 (2) P. Wilson, (1) B. Hawpe

San Francisco Giants

Edgardo Alfonzo & Marquis Grissom.: 2 run HR's

Triples.: (1) O. Vizquel, (1) M. Tucker

HRs.: (1) E. Alfonzo, (1) M. Grissom

RBIs.: (4) R. Durham, (7) B. Bonds, (4) E. Alfonzo,2 (2) M. Grissom,2 (1) B. Hennessey, (2) M. Tucker,2

Pitching Stats

W- Brad Hennessey

L- Byung-Hyun Kim

S- Armando Benitez (3)

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Rocky Mountain News

BHK A Member of the Rockies No More

The Rockies have released 26 year old Byung-Hyun Kim, who after pitching only one inning, had an ERA of 13.50 and recorded the lost. Byung Hyun Kim walked out of Coors Field a bit upset and had this to say "I know I messed up on some things, I wished things would have been different, maybe if they would have gave me another chance, they could have got to seen me on a good day." After Kim had this to say, Clint Hurdle followed up with "He can't have on and off days, he needs to stay focused and make every time he pitches a good day."

Rockies signed 31 year old veteran Jose Jimenez, to a 2 year contract at 100 K. Jimenez will be taking over the Middle Relief spot where Byung-Hyun Kim failed to obtain. Jimenez was a former Rockie until the 2003 season, when they released him. Jimenez was overwhelmed to join his fellow teammates and said this "I am very happy to come back to Colorado, hopefully I can help in the bullpen, and take this team far."



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Interesting move BBFK. With it being this early in the season, I would have given him atleast 1 or 2 more chances, but whatever floats your boat. :D

BHK really upset me, I had the lead 6-4 in the top of the 6th inning, I put him in and all hell broke loose. I don't want to take the chance of him losing another game, if I was Jeff Francis (He started), I would be pi$$ed at BHK.

Stay tuned to the dynasty, we'll see if it ends up good.

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Rocky Mountain News

Giants Not So Giant

Standing at 5'7'' 180 lbs, Aaron Miles was the giant in the game. Miles went 3 for 5, with two homeruns, the second homerun put the Rockies up by one in the 10th inning, one single, and two RBI's. Miles wasn't only making plays with his bat, he pulled off some gold glove plays on defense as well. The Rockies striked first against SP Jason Schmidt, who allowed three runs off of four hits in the 1st inning. Miles is currently tied for 5th place with three homeruns and is in 9th in slugging percentage with .963. After the game Miles had this to say "I am so happy everything is going right for this team, watch out National League, the new look Rockies are on its way." Jamey Wright, who started for Colorado had a solid outing, going six innings, allowing only three runs. On a side note, new addition Jose Jimenez pitched two stellar innings, allowing no hits and 3 k's. The Colorado Rockies take on the Arizona Diamondbacks in their next series.

Box Score

	R  H  E

COL 5  12 0

SF  4  9  0


Above Left.:Aaron Miles hits his 2nd HR in the top of the 10th inning, which won the game. Above Right.:Teammates congatulate each other after a great win.

Colorado Rockies.: 3-2.: 1st place in NL West

Notable Stats

Colorado Rockies

Aaron Miles.: 3 for 5, 2 HR's, 1 single, 2 RBI's

HRs.: (3)A. Miles,2 (1)P. Wilson

RBIs.: (6)A. Miles,2 (8 )T. Helton (4)P. Wilson,2

San Francisco Giants

Doubles.: (3)R. Durham, (1) M. Alou, (1) E. Alfonzo

Triple.: (2) M. Grissom

HRs.: (2) E. Alfonzo, (1) M. Matheny

RBIs.: (6) E. Alfonzo,2 (2) M. Matheny (2)

Pitching Stats

W- Chin-Hui Tsao (1-0)

L- Armando Benitez (0-2)

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Rocky Mountain News

Rocky Start for Rockies

Rockies faced the Arizona Diamondbacks and suffered a tough 3-2 loss. The bats weren't really alive for either team, having a combined 14 hits. The Rockies did strike first with a homerun from Todd Helton in the 4th inning. But in the bottom of the 4th, SP Jason Jennings fell apart, Chad Tracy started with a two run double down the left field line, and Jose Cruz Jr. followed up with an RBI double lining it to the wall in centerfield. Russ Ortiz SP for Arizona had a good outing, only allowing two runs. Colorado hopes to get back even in the series as the take on Arizona for Game 2.

Box Score

	 R  H  E

COL  2  6  0

ARI  3  8  0


Above Left.: Desi Relaford turning a nice double play. Above Right.: Chad Tracy's two run double in the 4th inning which lead for a comeback from the DBacks.

Colorado Rockies.:3-3.;T-1st in NL West

Notable Stats

Colorado Rockies

Todd Helton.: 2 for 4, Double, HR, 1 RBI

Double.: (3) T. Helton

HR.: (4) T. Helton

RBIs.: (1) D. Relaford, (9) T. Helton

Arizona Diamondbacks

Doubles.: (3) T. Glaus, (1) C. Tracy, (2) J. Cruz Jr

RBIs.: (4)C. Tracy,2 (3) J. Cruz Jr

Pitching Stats

W- Russ Ortiz (1-0)

L- Jason Jennings (0-2)

S- Brandon Lyon (2)

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