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  1. Damn, I forgot, race DOES decide the type of music you listen too here in the US.
  2. JDK had it a long time coming, he just always tried to start **** we didn't need.
  3. ...Bubba Sparxxx - Deliverance is the best 'relaxing' rap track ...Paste IP is a *****, I wanna shoot whoever came up with it. ...The new Matisyahu album that just came out this week is is amazing musicly and has an amazing replay factor. Just awesome.
  4. HS is easy, I get mostly As without study, and I'm usually slacking off of my homework anyways.
  5. Not tired, got my self on the stay up late, sleep until 1:30 schedule, which I need to fix before school starts again. I was playing an addictive game of Civilization 4.
  6. Damn, Civ is addicting, just like the old ones, played it most of the day. XP is cool even though most things need to be set up again, and I forgot to mention that my sister got DDR which is fun and is actualy a video game that is a good workout! :lol:
  7. What did eveyone get? I got Win XP, Civilization 4, a Digital Camera, 75$, and my $700 school trip to Florida in spring. Oh yeah, and lots of chocolate :p
  8. http://img364.imageshack.us/img364/4644/pryorsig7vf.png
  9. Ya, add an outer border as well.
  10. Anyone here still interested in the contests?
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