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This is next year, a NY Mets Dynasty


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New Skipper, Randolph, and Mets Excited About New Season

iconnym9yz.gifThe Mets enter 2005 with a new look and a new manager. Willie Randolph, the new Mets skipper, today announced the opening lineup and Rotation. "We've got alot of talent to work with and I hope to utilize all of it into a championship," Randolph was quoted at a press conference today. The lineup's feature star is Carlos Beltran, aquired in the offseason. "Beltran should be our offensive leader. I look for Floyd and Piazza to back him up." Piazza a defensive concern may see limited action this year. "Piazza is not a major concern right now. We'll work together for whats best for the Mets. If that means he sits, then he sits." Other notes on the lineup are the one two punch of Reyes and Matsui. Batting at the top of the lineup, Randolph looks for them to get on base often an be punched in to home by Beltran. For the Mets the lineup appears as follows.

	 Name			   Pos	B

1	Reyes, J.		  SS	 S

2	Matsui, K.		 2B	 S

3	Beltran, C.	   CF	 S

4	Floyd,C			LF	 L

5	Piazza, M.		 C	  R

6	Mientkiewicz, D.  1B	 L

7	Wright, D.		 3B	 R

8	Cameron, M.	   RF	 R

9	(Pitcher)		   P	


1	Anderson, M.	2B	L

2	Ciaro, M		2B	R

3	Castro, R.	  C	 R

4	Diaz, V.		RF	R

5	Valent, E.	  RF	R

6	Woodward, C.	SS	R
Beltran Sizes Up New Uniform iconnym9yz.gif The Flushing Faithful are excited over offseason aquisition Carlos Beltran. The centerfielder split the last season playing for the Kansas City Royals and the Houston Astros. He should add an extra bat to the line up as well as a glove in the outfeild. "New York is a wonderful city. I couldn't have asked for a better team and place to play," said Beltran. Batting third in the lineup, Beltran looks to produce high numbers for the Mets. Carlos Beltran ph1368608hq.jpgMartinez Anchors Mets Rotation iconnym9yz.gif Pedro Martinez, aquired in the offseason, will be the number one man in the rotation this year. Pedro is the only new face in the rotation. Kaz Ishii, aquired from the Dodgers for back up catcher Jason Phillips, will be used as a spot starter when needed. "This is one of the better rotations I have worked with," Pitching coach Rick Peterson Remarks. The rotation and pen are as such.

Starting Pitching:			Long Relief: 		

1	Martinez, P.	RHP	1	Ishii, K.		RHP

2	Glavine, T. 	LHP	2		

3	Benson, K. 	 RHP	3		

4	Zambrano, V.	RHP	Middle Relief:		

5	Trachsel, S 	RHP	1	Hernandez, R.	LHP

							2	Koo, D		   RHP

							3	Heredia, F.	  RHP



							1	DeJean, M.	   RHP


							1	Looper, B.	   RHP

P. Martinez Ishii


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New Stars Shine as Mets Roll Past Reds

iconnym9yz.gif Carlos Beltran hit a home run on his first AB as a Met. The home run came in the first inning off of Paul Wilson. Pedro MArtinez fanned seven and gave up no runs on four hits. The Mets knew they would get production off their new starters, but they never realized it would be so soon. Beltran went 2 for 4 with one run and a RBI. Looper came in to the game in the ninth to close out the game for the Mets. "They played well today. Things seemed to click as they went out there. I hope everyday is as easy as today was." said Randolph at the end of the game. The Mets next game will be on the sixth in Cincinatti.


(Left) Pedro Martinez made his first start as a Met today, (Right) Mientkiewicz sacrifices his body for an out.


		   1	2	3	4	5	6	7	8	9	R	H	E

	NYM	1	0	0	0	1	0	0	0	0	2	7	0

	CIN	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	0	6	0

WP:	P. Martinez (1-0)

LP:	P. Wilson (0-1)

SV:	B. Looper (1)
Noteable Stats: Batting 3B: C. Floyd (1) HR: C. Beltran (1) RBI: K. Matsui (1), C. Beltran (1) Baserunning SB: C. Beltran (1), A. Dunn (1)
					   IP   H  R   ER   BB	SO   HR  ERA

P. Martinez (W,1-0)	7.0  4  0   0	0	 7	0   0.00

M. DeJean (H, 1)	   1.0  1  0   0	0	 3	0   0.00

B. Looper (S, 1)	   1.0  1  0   0	0	 1	0   0.00

P. Wilson (L, 0-1)	 6.2  5  2   2	3	 3	1   2.70

D. Weathers			2.1  2  0   0	0	 3	0   0.00

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Mets Bats Swing Past Reds

iconnym9yz.gif Mets batters hit a solid groove against the Reds tonight. With twelve hits little can't be said about tonight's hitting. Willie Randolph was quoted, "You know I saw some great hits, but I saw even more bad ones. They are swing at too many pitches outside the strike zone. There is no excuse for that. I'm glad we got the win, but we need to practice patience in the box. Hopefully tommorow will be beter." Obviously there was some room for improvement. With three triples by three different players an aggressive baserunning style is being shown by the Mets. Carlos Beltran hit another homerun tonight a two run blast in the eight. " I have a good swing right now. Hopefully it keeps up," said Beltran following a press conference. Tom Glavine pitched an impressive complete game tonight, allowing only one run on 5 hits. He managed to strike out eight batters and walked none. So far the rotation is showing some promise, with Benson, Trachsel, and Zambrano left to make their debuts, things are looking up for the Flushing faithful.


Tom Glavine


		  1	2	3	4	5	6	7	8	9	R	H	E

	NYM	0	1	4	0	0	2	0	2	0	9	12  0

	CIN	0	0	0	1	0	0	0	0	0	1	5	0

WP:	T. Glavine (1-0)

LP:	E. Milton (0-1)
Noteable Stats: Batting 2B: C. Floyd (1), D. Jimenez (1) 3B: J. Reyes (1), D. Wright (1), M. Cameron (1) HR: C. Beltran (2), K. Griffey Jr. (1) RBI: J. Reyes (1), C. Beltran 3 (4), D. Mientkiewicz (1), D. Wright 2 (2), M. Cameron 2 (2), K. Griffey Jr. (1) Baserunning SB: K. Matsui (1), M. Cameron 2 (2) Pitching

					 IP  H  R  ER  BB  SO  HR  ERA

T. Glavine (W, 1-0)  9.0 5  1  1   0   8   1   1.00

E. Milton (L, 0-1)   5.0  8  7  7  4   6   0   12.60

J. Hancock		   3.0  4  2  2  0   0   1   6.00

D. Weathers		  1.0  0  0  0  0   1   0   0.00

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OK here are my settings

Version: PC patch 3

Roster: Ultimate Rosters 2.35

All-Star Difficulty

No Datafile

Sliders: My own mix, mostly contact and power down for both. Less contact for CPU but like 5 point difference. Not much else messed with besides contact and power. I think i took 10 point off steal delay for me, wasn't realistic at 0

No Strike zone or H/C Zone. Pitching cursor on.

OK I need this question answered. I just had a 11-1 blow out. However with an 11-0 lead I put in Roberto Hernandez in and he recieved a save. He faced 9 batters with one inherited runner. How could he recieved a save. I pitch myself in a few wood bat leagues and never heard of it. I am a closer and I know I get saves when I face the potential tie run. Be it how many ever batters, as long as I keep the lead. So how is this possible.

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My Understanding of the rule. You can record a save 2 ways:

Pitch the final 9 outs (what your guy did)

If up by less then 3, just pitch atleast the final out.

So it does not matter how much you are up by, if you pitch the last 3 innings, you get the save. :D

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Wright's Grand Slam Powers Mets to Series Sweep

iconnym9yz.gif Met's future star David Wright had a career day today with one grand slam and a total of five RBI's. The young third baseman looks to be the future of this organization and today was a fine example ofhis potential. "I just knew he was gonna throw something hittable. After walking three batters in a row, how couldn't he? I just reached bat a hit the snot out of it," mentioned Wright in a lockerroom intervue. Beltran who is on quiet a roll with his new team, hitting his third homerun in as many games. Mets fans hope that he keeps this up, as the Mets travel to face the Braves, a division rival, tommorow. Kris Benson threw a good game allowing no runs on four hits, and striking out five. The Reds pitcher, Harang, shown little control on the mound today, walking seven batters and reaching 80 pitches by the third inning. "I was off today. I don't know what happened," Harang mentioned after a third inning tantrum in the dugout. New manager Willie Randolph has a good start going, we'll see how things stack up against division rival Atlanta Braves tommorow night.


(Left)Mets pitcher Kris Benson takes the mound against the Reds, (right)Cliff Floyd steps up to the plate already having a great game


		   1	2	3	4	5	6	7	8	9	R	 H	E

	NYM	3	0	4	2	0	2	0	0	0	11	13  0

	CIN	0	0	0	0	0	0	1	0	0	1	 7	0

WP:	K. Benson (1-0)

LP:	A. Harang (0-1)

SV:	R. Hernandez (1)
Noteable Stats: Batting 2B: C. Floyd 2 (3), D. Wright (1), A. Dunn (1) HR: C. Beltran (3), D. Wright (1) RBI: C. Beltran (5), C. Floyd (1), Mpiazza 2 (2), Mientkiewicz 2 (3), D. Wriight 5 (7), R. Freel (1) Baserunning SB: J. Reyes (1), K. Matsui (2), R. Freel (1) Pitching

					IP   H  R  ER  BB  SO  HR  ERA

K. Benson (W, 1-0)  6.0  4  0  0   0   5   0   0.00

F. Heredia		  0.0  1  1  1   0   0   0   0.00

R. Hernandez (S,1)  3.0  2  0  0   0   4   0   0.00

A. Harang (L, 0-1)  2.2  3  7  7   7   3   1   23.63

J. Hancock		  3.1  6  4  4   1   3   1   8.53

R. Wagner		   1.0  0  0  0   0   0   0   0.00

K. Mercker		  2.0  4  0  0   0   0   0   0.00

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OK, didn't know the last one. Thats cool. You'd think working as a closer you'd know that oh well. Couldn't pitch three inning if I tried. Well could but my hfastball would lose so much control it'd be nuts.

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The key is, as in real life, patience in the box and aggressive baserunning. Of course I may make some adjustments to my sliders following the Braves series. Since the Reds aren't that good, those scores could be a result of playing the Reds, or I have my sliders too high. I'm going with the first theory right now, since I typically have real close games when team ratings are even. We'll see, I should have the Braves series posted by this afternoon. Well one or two of the games. I have summer classes all day. Stupid Clac. II.

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Early Lead Enough, as Mets Slide Past Braves

iconnym9yz.gif The Mets made it four in a row tonight, as the beat the Braves 4-1. Jose Reyes and Kaz Matsui gave the Mets an early lead with lead off hits and excellent baserunning. The early lead proved enough to overcome division rival Braves. Victor Zambrano pitched six solid innings allowing only one earned run. A fourth inning homerun by Andruw Jones, was the only glimpse of Braves offense. The Brave tonight fell to 1 and 3, putting them in last place in the NL East. David Wright added some insurance in the ninth with a solo homerun off of Kevin Grybowski, this made his second in as many games. Dae-Sung Koo, made his first appearance as a Met today, pitching one inning and scoring one K. Braden Looper also scored his second save this season. While providing some late game tension, allowing two hits, he manged to close out the game giving the Mets the win.


(Left) Reyes leads off with a hit back at the pitcher, (right) Mets celebrate after their fourth straight win


   		1	2	3	4	5	6	7	8	9	R	H	E

	NYM	2	0	0	0	0	1	0	0	1	4	7	1

	ATL	0	0	0	1	0	0	0	0	0	1	5	1

WP:	V. Zambrano (1-0)

LP:	J. Thompson (0-1)

SV:	B. Looper (2)
Noteable Stats: Batting: 2B: C. Beltran (1) 3B: M. Cameron (2) HR: D. Wright (2), A. Jones (1) RBI: K. Matsui (2), C. Beltran (6), M. Piazza (3), D. Wright (8), A. Jones (2) SH: J. Thompson (1) Baserunning: SB: J. Reyes (2), C. Beltran (2), M. Anderson (1), R. Furcal (2) Fielding: E: D. Mientkiewicz (1), M. Giles (1) Pitching:
					 IP   H  R  ER  BB  SO  HR  ERA

V. Zambrano (W, 1-0) 6.0  2  1  1   0   5   1   1.50

D. Koo (H,1)		 1.0  1  0  0   0   1   0   0.00

M. DeJean (H,2)	  1.0  0  0  0   0   1   0   0.00

B. Looper (S,1)	  1.0  2  0  0   0   0   0   0.00

J. Thompson (L, 0-1) 7.0  6  3  3   1   7   0   3.86

K Grybowski		  2.0  1  1  1   0   2   1   4.50

Mets' Asian Connection Proving Themselves to GM

iconnym9yz.gif With asian stars like Koo, Matsui, and Ishii, the Mets find themselves popular amoung many Baseball fans in the Asian Continent. GM Webb has been quoted saying, "There is an untapped resource in Japan, Korea, and other Asian Countries. There have already been starts brought over from Asia, but there is so much more talent that is yet to be harnessed." While Japanese leagus used to be where form MLB stars went to hope to resurect a career, it now has become where MLB scouts go to harvest foreign talent. With Carribean andd South American countries already proving to bea place of unbridled talent, could Korea and Japan become the next Dominican Republic and Cuba? As for now the Mets will enjoy the talent they already have harnessed and will continue to look for future stars.


Dea-Sung Koo readys himself on the mound friday

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Late Inning Rally Puts Brave Over Mets

iconnym9yz.gif Goin into the bottom of the eighth it appeared as if the Mets were going for their fifth straight win, however a two run homerun given up by Trachsel in the eight narrowed the lead to one. Then entred Looper. The closer had been shaky last season and his woes may be revisiting him. Looper ended up credited a blown save giving up a run in the ninth. Later in the tenth Raul Mondesi hit a walk off homerun giving the Braves their second win of the season. While the loss is dissappointing, the Mets still have a chance to take the three game series tommorow night.


(left)Piazza makes a trip around the bases aftera homerun, (right)Trachsel makes a spectacular catch off a line drive


		   2	3	4	5	6	7	8	9	10	R	H	E

	NYM	0	0	0	0	0	0	1	0	0	 3	6	0

	ATL	0	0	0	0	0	0	2	1	1	 4	6	1

WP:	A. Bernero (1-0)

LP:	K. Ishii (0-1)
Noteable Stats Batting: HR: M. Piazza (1), J. Estrada (1), R. Mondesi (1) RBI: M. Piazza 3 (6), A. Laroche (1), J. Estrada 2 (2), R. Mondesi (1) Baserunning SB: K. Matsui (3) Fielding: E: H. Ramirez Pitching:

					IP   H  R  ER  BB  SO  HR  ERA

S. Trachsel		 8.0  3  2  2   0   3   1   2.25

B. Looper		   1.1  2  1  1   1   1   0   2.70

K. Ishii (L, 0-1)   0.1  1  1  1   0   1   1   27.00

H. Ramirez		  6.0  4  2  2   2   2   1   3.00

K. Grybowski		3.0  2  1  1   0   3   0   3.60

C. Reitsman		 0.1  0  0  0   0   1   0   0.00

A. Bernero (W, 1-0) 0.2  0  0  0   0   0   0   0.00

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Mets Take Series Against Atlanta

iconnym9yz.gif The Mets have won the sixth game in seven. The Mets bats remained hot this afternoon as Cliff Flyod hit his first home run of the season. David Wright managed to keep his hitting streak alive going 3 for 5 he is hitting over .400 for the current season and has had a hit in every game this season. Pedro Martinez made his second start of the seaon and pitched a complete game, his first of the season. While Manager Willie Randolph had discussed spot starting Ishii or another prospect from the AAA club, Martinez was given the nod after Hudson was scheduled to take the mound for the Braves. The aggressive baserunning of the Mets shined today with Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran and Mike Cameron all recieving stolen bases. Randolph told reports following the game, "We will steal bases, we will go for extra bases. If we think we can get them, we will. Aggressive baserunning is key to scoring runs and winning. Yeah, we may get a few more outs, but I won't send them unless I know they'll get there." While most managers play conservative, this aggressive skipper may find himself in good company after the season. The Mets have their home opener tommorow as they host the Astros at Shea Stadium.


(left)Mientkiewicz makes an outstanding catch on anh errant throw (right) Giles busts up his bat making contact on a Martinez cutter


		   1	2	3	4	5	6	7	8	9	R	H	E

	NYM	0	0	0	2	0	1	0	0	2	5	11  0

	ATL	0	0	1	0	0	0	0	0	0	1	3	1

WP:	P. Martinez (2-0)

LP:	T. Hudson (0-2)
Noteable Stats Batting: 2B: D. Wright (1), R. Furcal (1) HR: C. Floyd (1) RBI: C. Floyd 2 (3), M. Piazza (7), D. Mientkiewicz (4), M. Cameron (3), R. Furcal (3) Baserunning SB: J. Reyes (3), C. Beltran (3), M/ Cameron (3), R. Mondesi (1) Fielding: E: C. Jones Pitching:

					 IP   H  R  ER  BB  SO  HR  ERA

P. Martinez (W, 2-0) 9.0  3  1  1   0   4   1   0.56

T. Huson (L, 0-2)	6.0  7  3  3   0   5   1   2.92

K. Grybowski		 2.1  3  0  0   2   0   0   2.46

C. Reitsman		  0.2  1  2  2   4   2   0   18.00

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