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  1. Qwest Field is JACKED UP, last week it was measured at 104 decimals, the loudest stadium in the league. My dad told me that the Kingdome use to get up to 120 Finals Monday and Tuesday suck, but the Hawks are more important right now :wink: Y4L: what did the mariners ever do to you? We won in the playoffs in '95, but you guys beat us in '01, '00, and maybe '97. The Yankees own the Mariners. Harrison Ford needs to get the memo that he can't be in any action movies anymore, I love his movies as most males do, but he is beyond "past his prime" I heard that Glory Road plays Rupp fairly, anyone disagree?
  2. Yes, I own it. Top 5 baseball movie ever. Top 10 sports movie ever. I think ESPN when they did all of those top 25 lists thought it was the 16th best.
  3. Roger Maris Some consider him still to be the home run king. He was one of the most underated and underapreciated players of his era. Everyone knows that he hit 61 in 1961. He hit his last one on the last day of the year. A little known fact is that he not only won the MVP award in 1961, but the year before in 1960. He led the league in many single season stats during his career other than homers including slugging(1960), runs (1961), total bases (61), RBIs (1960, 1961), extra base hits ( 1960, 1961). He also won a Golden Glove in 1960.
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