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Brewers Dynasty


How many games will the Brewers win.  

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    • 30-40
    • 41-50
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    • 61-70
    • 71-80
    • 81-90
    • 91-100
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Now that sounds promising, :lol: Just joshin ya - lookin forward to it.

Same here :lol: but my rosters wont be the same because I don't want to do all those trade over again. :roll: But my first story that tells the outlook of my team (my first big story.) It will be even longer so I hope my hands don't fall of. :lol:

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What's new with the Crew.

For all your Brewer news

With a new owner the Brewers hope to get their first winning season since 1992. The Brewers had a great first half last season when they were 41-34 and only 3.5 games out of first. Then it all began, the injury to Spivey which was one big reason they lost. But this year Spivey will be no more because of a huge trade. They went 22-53 after the All Star break to end up in last place again. They are hoping that this is the year because of all the huge trades this off season. The Brewers also called up a lot of rookies prospects to play this year.


The Starting pitching is possible the most underrated rotation in all of baseball. They have some of the best young pitchers in the majors. Ben Sheets is one of the top rated pitchers in the majors but never has runs scored for him when he pitches. Going into last year he never had a ten strike out game last year he had 9. The rotation will revolve around him and they are hoping he stays healthy. Doug Davis will be number two well having his best year last year he hoping to do even better. He had a 12-12 record with 166 K's in 207.1 innings pitched. He is the 2nd oldest starter in the rotation and will also help to lead this team with B. Sheets. Newly Aquired pitcher Jarrod Washburn is the oldest pitcher in the rotation and is the only player with a World Series Ring. He has nice stuff and just needs to get back to his number one pitcher form. The Brewers have high expectations. The Brewers hope this trade will help their pitching. Two young gun rookies are 4 and 5 with high expectations. Brian Olsen is number four with some nasty stuff and just needs to work on his stamina and could be a number 1 pitcher in the next few years. Number 5 is newly called up pitcher Jorge De La Rosa will be number 5 and hopes to move right up the ranks. He has three pitches and is said to be working on a new pitch that is unknown as of now. The bullpen is pretty solid and is very young. Victor Santos and Rigo Beltran are the two oldest and just need to pitch like they can. Jeff Bennett and Mike Adams are very youn with great stuff and can throw very fast with have some great movement. Newly Acquired rookie Brandon League and Ricky Battalico will share the set up role and Derrick Turnbow will close out games. The pitching is solid and just needs to get up to their potential.


Newly acquired catchers Damian Miller and Dave Bohanon will be the catching core. Damian Miller will be starter this year and will have to lead and show Bohanon the ropes. Miller hits great for contact and doesn't hit much for power. He has a great arm and can field great. He can make the throw down like it's nothing. Bohanon has a lot of power and has some pop in his bat. He also has a great arm and needs to work on his fielding. This team is solid behind the plate this year and will also need to play up to their expectations.


The infield is young and will have only one person in thier 30's. First base will be lead by Lyle Overbay. Lyle Overbay will have to lead this young infield. He lead the league in double's last year setting new hieghts. The bar will be set higher as Lyle goes to try and break his Brewers record. Second Base will be rookie Rickie Weeks. He has great contact and some power with it also. He can spred the ball to all parts of the field. He can field quite well and just needs to work on it a little bit. Third base will be the oldest part of the infield. Newly acquired corner infielder Shea Hillenbrand is expected to start. But power hitting third basemen Russell Branyan could start but nothing is sure yet. Short Stop is maned by rookie J.J. Hardy. He has one of the best gloves in the league and just needs to work on his hitting. He also has a great arm and may start at third every once in a while.


The outfield is the oldest part of this team. Newly aquired Carlos Lee will try to lead in his first year. He is the right handed power hitter the Brewers needed. He is expected to get 40 plus homers this year and get 100 plus RBI's. He is the youngest outfielder expected to start and still has to try and lead. Center field most likely belongs to Brady Clark. The 31 year old still expects to play at a great pace and hit very well. He is most likely going to hit better then ever because he doesn't really have to share center this year like he always did in right. Geoff Jenkins has been a Brewers longer then any other position player on the team and also expects to have to lead. His numbers haven't been going up it his past years but he could break out any time now. He isn't as fast as he used to be but still fields and throws like he did any other time.


The Bench is very young with only three sure bench players and some maybe starters maybe backups. Extra outfielders will be Jaun Rivera who will start at DH when ever they need one. Dave Krynzel is the other and he is very fast and can run out an infield single anytime of the year. Jaun Rivera has great contact and just needs to show it to everyone. Bill Hall is the extra infielder. He can play any base and play it with the best of them. He has a great glove and can still hit the ball. The bench is very strong and can start any time they're needed.

Bottom Line

This is a new year for the Brewers and is also a learning year. They are not expected to do great but ok. Everyone is looking for a last place again but the Brewers are thinking otherwise. Final gread 73. Division Pick 6th.

Projected Lineup

2B Ricky Weeks

CF Brady Clark

LF Carlos Lee

RF Geoff Jenkins

3B Shea Hillenbrand

1B Lyle Overbay

C Damian Miller

SS J.J. Hardy



1. Ben Sheets

2. Doug Davis

3. Jarrod Washburn

4. Brian Olson

5. Jorge De La Rosa

LRP Victor Santos

MRP R. Beltran

MRP J. Bennett

MRP M. Adams

SU Brandon League

SU Ricky Bottalico

CL D. Turnbow

Key Loses

Dan Kolb Traded to Atlanta

Scott Podsednik Traded to Chicago AL

Craig Counsell Arizona

Keith Ginter Traded to Oakland

Junior Spivey Traded to Toronto

Ben Hendrickson Traded to Toronto

Gary Glover Traded to Anaheim

Wes Helms Traded to Anaheim

Jeff Cirillo Traded to Anaheim

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What's new with the Crew

For all your Brewer news

Brewers come from behind to win.

I can't seem to play opening day with the Brewers. The game always crashes and then it saves it. I just don't understand it. I'm lucky it's opening day because I know all the stats. Rickie Weeks was the MVP going 4-5 with 3 runs and a 2B.

Mil 9-17-0 WP B. Sheets SV none

Pit 5-12-0 LP O. Perez

Brewers win in a close game.

The Brewers played game two against the Pirates only to win. The Brewers would depend on the long ball that night. The Brewers had only 4 hits all homers while the Pirates only had four hits all singals. J. Washburn making a surprise start in the number two place pitched great in his first Brewer start. He pitched a complete game four hit shutout. He got some runs scored for him but not as many as he would like. Not much else to say. The Brewers hit four homers all scattered around, by L. Overbay, R. Weeks, G. Jenkins, and C. Lee. While the Pirates had 4 hits all in two innings the 6th and the 7th. J. Washburn was unstopable in the early innings and the later innings.

Mil 4-4-0 WP J. Washburn SV None

Pit 0-4-0 LP K. Wells

Tune in for the Brewers next game against the Cubs on 4/8 D. Davis is ready to set them down. The Brewers are the only team without a lose in the NL Central and they hope to stay that way.

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I edited Turnbow to throw 98-100(if I get it perfect) He was only like 92. I did a lot to edit Turnbow along with his heat. I added a slider. And I edited his Curve, and Change. I also was watching the game when he hit 100 it was awsome.

Ok everyone this is also your last chance. If I get 4 more I will maybe keep playing. If I get 6 I will most likely play. If I get more I will play for sure. :help:

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Sorry 1927yankee I misread you question. On avg. in real life he throws upper 90's and I think he only hit 100 once if I remember right.

This is you final chance. If I don't get anything sorry Spivey and 1927yankee. I might start to update later but right now it's kind of boring because I don't get any replies and it's no fun without replies.

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