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Reliving the Past...A Montreal Expos Dynasty


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Expos Press

exposlogo5mv.png In a bold move, the Montreal Expos hire previously unknown Dd to manage their team, and try to bring some respect back to Canadian baseball. Most of the players agree with the change, but if the descision turns out for the better will be decided during this season. Although he is young, only 14, he is very wise in terms of baseball, and knows how to use his players to the best of their ability. Our best wishes go out to him and all of the Expos faithful.

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exposlogo5mv.pngDefensive Alignment

1B-Nick Johnson

2B-Jose Vidro

SS-Christian Guzman

3B-Vinny Castilla

LF-Endy Chavez

CF-Brad Wilkerson trade for Carl Crawford

RF-Jose Guillen

C-Brian Schneider


Wil Cordero, Jamey Carroll, Gary Bennett,

Starting Pitching

(Eisler) Livan Hernandez traded for Jake Peavy

Zach Day

Esteban Loaiza

Tomo Ohka

Tony Armas Jr.

Long Relief

Cluadio Vargas

John Patterson

Middle Relief

Antonio Osuna

Joey Eischen

Gary Majewski


Luis Ayala


Chad Cordero

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Expos Press

exposlogo5mv.pngExpos pull off two major trades. Carl Crawford of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays to Brad Wilkerson and Jake Peavy of the San Diego Padres for (Eisler) Livan Hernandez. Although many fans believe that Wilkerson should have been kept, they almost all agree with picking up Jake Peavy, who is a young but talented player. Andrew Pershe holds to his belief that Crawford will do more for the team than Wilkerson.



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Jon Lieber

Lieber brings a 91 MPH fastball that he has excellent control over, a good changeup, a good slider, a very good 2-seam fastball that he throws at 90 MPH and a 90 MPH sinker that has a very good break on it.

Jake Peavy

Peavy uses a 94 MPH fastball which he has good control over, a very good changeup, a slider that has an incredible break on it, and a 92 MPH 2-seam fastball to get a lot of outs.

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