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I pitched tonight for the first time since saturday. I was fairly comfortable on the mound and at the plate. In fact, whenever a pitch came i was so unfrozen that i would crush pitches I normally let by me. :roll: A scout from the Phillies came and talked to me after the game saturday...it was TIGHT.

Actually I did have a game. We won 20-0

At the plate:

1 for 1 with a 3 RBI double and 2 walks. That brings my season average to .333

On the bump:

5 innings pitched. 6 Ks. 1 BB. 2 hits. 0 runs. SHUTOUT BABY! SHUTOUT

Season totals:

Innings pitched: 11

Strikeouts: 16

Walks: 3

Hits: 4

Earned Runs: 3

Runs: 5

P.S: Am I an all star?

PPS: NYM91 im just messing with u bro...i thought i should share my stats too.

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