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You need to get either a swap magic or Gameshark.

How did you burn the DVD?

Are you rebuilding a game that you edited?

If your building a game that you edited the Ps2 has security checks to check the file is changed known as Lba Checks.

Are there Lba Checks in the game?

Use Record Now Max or DVD Decrypter they are the best and make sure you get the latest PX engine from Sonic.

Also remember that if your using Swap Magic the Toc of that game isnt the biggest and there are some DVDs that are bigger causing it not to load!

the Ps2 loves All Maxell Brand DVD-Rs for all version ps2s or RItek (Dark Purple)

make sure your not using generic DVDs or you will ruin your laser before you know it.

If you have a Version 1-5 Ps2 forget about using DVD-RW or any DVD+ formats it simply wont work.

Rule of thumb anyways always use DVD-R not DVD+R

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Ok I have a fliptop with swapmagic 3.0 I am using a memorex dvd-r

When I enter the swapmagic dvd disc then enter the original MVP it boots up.

However when I load it with the backup copy it is giving me a red screen, not reading disc.

I have used Nero Burning ROM and DvD decrypter. With Decypter it saves the file as an ISO and I cannot add the mods into the folder.

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I normally dont like to discuss this stuff and normally wouldnt but I seen your name and youve been polite with me and helped make the Ps2 roster psiible so I will help you

First of all you cannot just edit the folder and burn the folder you must edit your stuff you need to edit for the said game then you must use either Sony CD/DVD Generator to make a Proper Sony ISO File or a program called usb cd gen. Good luck finding Sony CD/DVD gen its a internal Sony program and is very hard to find, You can use USB CD/Gen just fine

it uses no Sony code and is Legal.

if you dont have a pioneer brand dvd burner then you must spit out 3-4 parts and join them to a .IMG file in Sony CD/DVD Generator.

Also remember most every game has LBA checks that you must remove,

some dont but most definetley do, so any changing of files must also be changed in the LBA Table.

First and Foremost you must learn how to rebuild a Proper Sony DVD

from your original , And I highly recomend using Record Now Max and IsoBuster Pro 1.6. You must Generate a Proper Sony (COMPLIANT)

Image before it will work the PS2 is very strict on the structure of its files

way more stricter then an Xbox or Computer almost as strict as Nintendos

Proprietory Disk Fromat!

Hope this helps the best place to ask these type of questions is at #Ps2Ownz on Efnet or Ps2ownz.com

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I checked online, dvd back up will not be readable on a fliptop with swapmagic 3.0.

So unless u want to install a modchip such as dms3 or Messiah. Your backup version will than work.

However, if u editing the files to change aninmation or add faces than U need an expert hehe hope this clean thing up.

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Put the game in your dvd drive , then name a folder on your pc to mvp and copy every file over.

Then rebuild the game with sony cd/dvd gen when your done,

remember this wont work for most games due to lba checks

but it works for MVP, so you wont have to worry about any lba checks.

if you have an iso and did it another way all you need is ISOBUSTER and you can right click on the red ISO file and extract to wherever.

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If you have a Version 1-5 Ps2 forget about using DVD-RW or any DVD+ formats it simply wont work.

I have a version 2 P$2 and it plays dvd-rw, I know its rare to have a version 2 read dvd-rw but it doesnt hurt to try it.

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