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  1. Thanks for everyone input. I hope that you enjoy the beta mod as much as I have. The reason I rushed this mod before even finish was because I need to see if there are any more interest in the MVP series. Judging for everyone respond it seem that you guy want more. Therefore, I will work with any modder who want to add to this mod to complete this game. emath2432 can U take your intro screens, and load screens & send it to me? I will like to test it out and hope that it will improve this mod.
  2. Thanks, stecropper glad U enjoy it as well as improve it with the material U add onto it. U defintely into something, I think this mod can be totally improve. I rushed it because baseball season ending soon & I didn't want to include complex file to install for none PC wise user. So I cut back on a lot of stuff that could have been there. Would U be able send me the file U just suggested so I can test it with this mod? I prefer not to dl 1994&TC10 again and save the site some bandwidth. As for other changes, I am thinking of movies files and menu file being added to have a fee
  3. This long-awaited mod is now on the site go grab it now. :)
  4. Version Beta


    The MVP All-Time Fan Favorites Mod (Beta) provides fans the dream of playing the best players for their favor team from all generation. All 30 teams in Major League Baseball are playable. This Beta mod is rush to see how the fans react. If the reception is good more update and improvement will be coming. (The Nationals will be using Expos players until their history become richer. All minor team are not playable at this time.) Future release can be adding portraits & players that the fans want, as well as menu & audio improvements. Rather young or old this game is for the peop
  5. I tried to upload this mod but was unable due to the 60 mb limit. Please help me contact Trues so I get this mod tested by you guys :db:
  6. Hi Homer , good to see U around, anyhow I didn't use your roster to create this mod. jp_hidalgo roster work is the base of this mod the rest is from our Total Classic team so everyone contribute to this work. I have not heard from Jim825, I need to learn how to create installer exe or .bat to just replace the model.big/portrait.big and rosters file. Pending this the mod will be on hold. Until further notice.
  7. This is Beta version so future release we can add missing portraits & players that the fans want. I mean after all this game is for all the baseball fans in us.
  8. As some of you been waiting for the Homer Legend Mod, I was attempting to complete MVP Fan Favorites Team Mod.This mod consist of popular players that played for their respective team. Is different from the Homer Legend Mod because duplicated player are allowed & current star player are included in this mod. I have already send some message to the Classic team & pending their approval we can finally play this dream team mod.
  9. Good old fashion ejection and a free gift in the ball park. Pirates need to promote Gary Robinson to the Majors he showed more passion in this video than John Russel in his entire time as the Bucs manager.
  10. 443 downloads

    Mvp 2009 Yankees Postseason Highlight video Song is By Nelly "Heart of a Champion" Video from MLB.com all rights reserved from MLB & Nelly 1)To install go to folder Program Files/EA sports/mvp 05/data/frontend/movies 2)Replace the mvpintro.vp6 with this one 3)That's it. Play MVP and enjoy all the postseason magic.
  11. How about show some cool 2009 World Champion Yankees wallpaper design?
  12. I actually created the whole 1998 Yankees team http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?autocom=d...p;showfile=2753 Total Classic only use the roster base on playing time so some of my face was never used like Homer Bush etc... Plus there was a High Quality 98 World Series Yankees uniform that total classic didn't include in their mod. Btw What happen to the preview pic of my mod?
  13. Request Yankee Stadium with 9 of the greatest Yankees player ever wore that uniform. After all this is the last season in that great place.
  14. 98 downloads

    Steven Carlton Cyberface rushed to meet the deadline of TC6. Special thanks go to Peterbernard for making a Black/White photo into color that allow this face to happen. And Krawhitham for his smart installer that make it easy for modder to install files.
  15. 450 downloads

    *So Big Shmooz & themewin please do NOT inlcude my faces with your work in the time being. Nothing against you people, just that too many crash complain is cause by cyberfaces & I don't want that blame to be on me. I have fully tested my faces and is crash free so happy Download everyone.
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