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I gave you feedback in the other topic.

On a scale of 1-10:

Glavine- 8

Floyd- 10

Matsui- 5(kerm made the best one a while back)

Garcia- 8

Piazza- 6(looked better wihtout the full beard)

Reyes- 9

Leiter- 7

Cameron- 7

Looper- 5

Am I missing anyone?

What about Spencer or Phillips?

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Ok, what about Spencer or Phillips? We need a Glasses-wearing Phillips, and a real Shane Spencer.

And as for Piazza, i really think you should go back to the way it was without the full beard. Its a little too dark now.

Thats true... Shane Spencer is kinda Plain.

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A suggestions about making faces for generic players.

Terminator Korea used some of the traditional players and overwrote them ...you can find out their faces numbers from attrib.file.Open that with wordpad and look under 12 and you will see their allotted face numbers.

Ex greg vaughn and rickey henderson have been replaced and a few others too...I dont mind but i's rather have current player faces!

Good luck and keep improving! you will get there!

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