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  1. will do Homer and Thanks Yankee4Life... but how do i update this game to be current... before i start any faces the game has to be current... i feel like a little kid going back to his favorite toy hahahaha...
  2. maybe ill do some faces and stadium updates too... its been a minute since i played this game
  3. whats up guys... long time man... how ya been... its been years... hope all is well... now how i update this game to mvp 2014 please lol... got tired of mlb 2k blah blah blah lol
  4. So i decided to revisit the good old days of Baseball games and installed a fresh copy on my pc... now how do i covert this game to play as if it was 2014 season with updated portraits, faces and schedule... as well as roster... thanks so much
  5. i used to make cyberfaces for mvp 2005 and was really hooked on it... you can find my work on this website... I know a lot has changed since then and i really wanna make the faces in 2k12 great again... but i cant seem to find a tutorial around.... sorry if this is a newb question... but i have been a way from the modding scene for a while... thanks for the help
  6. hey que hay pana? tu sabes hacer portrails?

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