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Bro, i am not getting all this crap man can u just send me the files with the 2 teams included please? ive read the read me, gfxpak is making my comp crash and im friggin pissed off. there is too much work to do. if you could take some mercy on me and just send me the needed files to have the 2 teams in my game i would forever be in debted to you

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renegade, i like you---i really do, but i can't just send you the files What are you going to do if or when people release more teams,logos,or uniforms? HUH!!

i'm willing to help you through this and it should definitely work for you.

first of all, what operating system do you have?Just curious...

second, where did you extract the application too?

Third, you're getting the gfxpak error? When exactly?

and renegade bro, could you please post in the official thread.I'd appreciate it.

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