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  1. thats great, i'll give negro league a shot. Are stadiums, uniforms for the respective packages a separate deal or all inclusive?
  2. well thats the first one i started with, then i went to TC10, but menus are still spanish. No worries, reinstall happening.
  3. Any recommendations? Looking for overall redone packages, complete mlb 30 team replacement, uniforms, faces, stadiums, please recommend thanks!
  4. Hey guys, anyone have the english menu title files or can tell me which files they are? I'd super appreciate it, all my menu files are in some spanish crazy version caribe 2005.
  5. This is so awesome. 69Yanks and a ton of guys still around!
  6. The genius behind Total Classics and MVP Studio. The man, the myth, the living legend.

  7. i got a random thought for u, folks. a world where everyones gleefully wears a total classic sig.
  8. fuzzone


    loooooll, i almost never post anymore but dan asked kc if he likes blue!!! burrn!
  9. to be honest with u, the greeks are more of a gang but the canadians around here get along real well with yugoslavians and relate a whole lot more to KC's story. They tend to be low-class and rob and vandalize everything. I'm not stereotyping, but this is what it's like around here for some reason. The same thing that happened to KC would have def. happened here, but it would have been some crazy canadian doing it. Greeks tend to be more of a gang kind of thing, but nowhere in a sense where they'll go upto you and rob you but if they see you looking at them the wrong way or if you walk through them, greeks get rowdy. Like i know a Canadian around here, just for sake of example, his name is Zecko and this dude thinks it's the funniest thing in the world to ask a teenager for the time and then take his watch? I don't think its funny but I'll laugh along with him while he's there. The reason why i responded in the first place is because KC linked me to it. This sunday thread is actually pretty cool. That's all i have to say for one sunday.
  10. do i now. notice that there should be a question mark at the end of that sentence, but since I'm not looking to have you "answer back", i've excluded the question mark from the sentence and ended it with a polite period.
  11. no,no,i was serious. i wasn't joking. my neighborhood really is filled with thugged out canadians, and a lot of really thugged out greek kids also but not as bad as canadians. Forest Hills, NY and East Elmhurst got it the worst with these white kids who think they're tough cookies.
  12. and Canadians man. u gotta add them to that bunch. but im with KC, im no racist or anything. Canadians in my neighborhood, -- Queens, NY, for some reason, they are extremely thugged out and i don't get it. Hip hop is ruining these local candians man, but u know, i've never been robbed by a canadian so I'm not in the same boat as you.
  13. 3,573 downloads

    1. Team_Logo_Creater Folder A. This is exactly the same tool as last year with Single A included and it handles the new image size 32x64. B. I've been using this tool to install logos in phase 1 and phase 2, and i believe Team Classics members used this tool to install logos for all the following Tc Phases. How to use: ------------- 1. click on logo_creator.exe 2. select your mvp2005 game folder, NOT THE DATA FOLDER. 3. then you select a team, and click BEGIN 4. you'll notice that a sample image display in the SAMPLY window this image along with the GREEN STATUS window should give u an idea of what the image should represent and what the size of the image should be. - ALL LOGO SETS are MADE UP OF 7 images and 7 ALPHAS. 5. After choosing the first image, u must click on SELECT image, and then you click on BROWSE under LOGO ALPHA, choose the corresponding alpha image. 6. Choose SELECT IMAGE(the one under LOGO ALPHA) 7. Keep doing this for all 7 images. 8. Once you are doing, click Complete 9. If you want to import the logos.big automatically to your game folder, click on FILER-->IMPORT TO GAME DIRECTORY If any problems occur and you wish to restore your original logos.big, if you look in this program folder, you should find a subfolder called ORIGINALS. the original logos.big is in there.
  14. fuzzone


    thanks man, please put some time and effort into it since ill be using it possibly for a very long time on mvpmods.
  15. fuzzone


    fuzzy needs a million dollar man ted dibiase sig.
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