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Faith rewarded: A Red Sox Dynasty


Is my Dynasty looking good  

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Welcome to another MLB Baseball Season with us in the 2005 boston Red Sox season



The Red Sox have improved too much with pitching and batting prospects like SS Hanley Ramirez and SP Jon Papelbon.

No injuries in the Pre Season only Schilling that will miss season opener in Yankee Stadium. you remember why:


The Yankees will face up the Red Sox Tomorrow in a Rivalry challenge

iconbos8vc.gif @ iconnyy0tz.gif 7:05 ET


Difficulty: MVP

Fielding: Manual

Hot/Cold Zones: OFF

Strike Zone: OFF

Injuries: MLB Only

Suspensions: MLB Only

Rosters: Ultimate Rosters 2.5

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Your 2005 Boston Red Sox Lineup

defence & Batting order

CF Johnny Damon

SS Edgar Renteria

LF Manny Ramirez

DH David Ortiz

RF Trot Nixon

C Jason Varitek

1B Kevin Millar

3B Bill Mueller

2B Mark Bellhorn


C Doug Mirabelli

1B John Olerud

CF Jose Cruz Jr.

SS Hanley Ramirez

3B Kevin Youkilis


SP Curt Schilling

SP David Wells

SP Matt Clement

SP Tim Wakefield

SP Bronson Arroyo

LR Wade Miller

LR Jon Papelbon

MR John Halama

MR Abe Albarez

SU Mike Timlin

CP Keith Foulke

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Game 1 @ Yankee Stadium

boston2do.png(0-0) vs. nyy8py.png(0-0)

Boston lose because Schilling Starts and Canó hits 2 Home runs


Above: Johnny Damon(BOS) (Up in the Left side) hits a home run with the first pitch that Randy Johnson(NYY) delivers in his Yankee career. Edgar Renteria(BOS) (up in the right side) hits a homerun with the second pitch that Randy Johnson(NYY) delivers in his Yankee career


Above: Manny Ramirez(BOS) (down in the left side) hits a homerun with the fourth pitch that Randy Johnson(NYY) delivers. Red Sox bench (down in the right side) is unhappy because they lose when Curt Schilling(BOS) loses control.

Boston, the last season World Champions, lose the first game of he season against the Yankees. Leading when the Damon, Renteria, and Manny going back to back to back against Johnson in the first inning, The rookie Canó hits 2 homers and putting Yankees ahead in a 6 run rally in the 4th.

Sox Talk with us

Manny: We feel bad because after leading the first inning we lose when Schilling lose control. In the 4th Sheffield hits a home run, a lot of balls by Schilling, you know, Canó hits 2 homeruns in the inning. Were gonna try to win tomorrow.

Francona(Manager): I had a talk with Curt before the game, Wells was Scheduled to start but Schilling asked me if he can start the game, and I said ask to Wells he's today's starter. He asked Wells and Wells said yes.

Player of the game:

ph4296643yt.jpg Robinson Canó(NYY): 3/5 2HR 4RBI's

ph1218112rn.jpg Curt Shcilling(BOS) (L, 0-1): 4.1IP 10H 6ER 1SO 12.46 ERA

Box Score:


W:Jonhson (1-0) L:Schilling (0-1)

Tomorrows Matchup:

@ Yankee Stadium

D.Wells(BOS)(0-0) vs. C.Pavano(NYY)(0-0)

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Game 2 @ Yankee Stadium (Modded by Y2K & Hyman)

News: Boston signs RP D.Reichert.

boston5za.png(0-1) vs. nyy8wr.png(1-0)

Yanks comeback in the 9th to tie it, and win in the 10th


Above: Trot Nixon(BOS)(Up in the left side) gets to home in a Kevin Millar(BOS) Double.Bill Mueller(BOS)(Up in the right side) was out in home trying to get more runs in a John Olerud(BOS) Single.


David Ortiz(BOS)(Down in the left side) hits a Homerun against Carl Pavano(NYY)

The Red Sox were celebrating very soon in the 8th,but problems became when the Sox closer Keith Foulke gets to the field to close it up, when the yankeees offense came up to tie it with a Sheffield 2-run homerun in the 9th to tie it 5-5 then Tony Womack hits a line drive with Bernie Williams to the SS, Manny picks up the ball the throw to the plate is... safe!! and the Yankees win the 2nd game of the 3 game series against the Red Sox. Rivera gets the win.

Player of the game:

ph1221117sd.jpgGary Sheffield(NYY): 2/4 1HR 2RBI

ph1143427ql.jpgKeith Foulke(BOS)(L,0-1) 1.0IP 3H 3R 2ER 18.00ERA


W:Mariano Rivera(1-0) L:Kith Foulke(0-1)

Tomorrow Matchup:

M.Clement(BOS) vs. M.Mussina(NYY)

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Game 3 @ Yankee Stadium (Modded by Y2K & Hyman)

boston2jv.png(0-2) vs. nyy2dt.png(2-0)

Boston skips the sweep


Above: Johnny Damon(BOS)(left) hits a home run in the 4th inning against Mike Mussina(NYY). Manny Ramirez(BOS)(right) blasts one to the upper deck of the Yankee Stadium.


Above: Johnny Damon(BOS)(left) gets the ball in a dyving catch with 2 outs and the bases loaded!!. Jason Varitek(BOS)(right) hits a 2 run Home Run against Mariano Rivera(NYY) in the 10th inning

Another extra innings game in the Bronx this time wasn't Keith Foulke the one that extended it to the 10th, this time was Jon Papelbon, with a Hideki Matsui home run in the 9th, that makes a blown save for Jon Papelbon, then Jason Varitek hits a home run off Rivera, Papelbon continues pitching in his MLB debut and takes the first win of the 2005 season his team.

Sox talk with us

Jon Papelbon: i fell bad when i blown the save but we get the win, thats the most important thing.(Q: How do you feel afer your debut in the MLB?) Well i feel good, and my fathers traveled from Boston to New York to watch the game. Because yesterday. Terry(Francona) asked to me if i want to throw my first MLB game in New York or in Boston, and i said, well i want to throw some pitches this week and ill play in the game 3 as the closer. (Manny comes with a cream pie and puts it in Jon Papelbon face),(Me: thanks to talk with us Jon and enjoy your cream pie) no problem, mmm cream, my favorite, do you want some? (Me: No thanks)

Player of the game:

ph1130285yz.jpgJohnny Damon(BOS) 3/5 2HR 2RBI

ph4490971ly.jpg Jon Papelbon(BOS): 2.0IP 4H 2R 2ER 0SO 7.71ERA



Tomorrow's Matchup

@ Rogers Centre (Skydome)

T.Wakefield(BOS) vs. TBA (TOR)

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Simulated game

our News Network was having problems in the broadcasting of the game 1 in Toronto, the only think we have is the scoreboard and the winning pitcher.


ph1238011gy.jpgTim Wakefield(BOS)

Next game @ Rogers Center

B.Arroyo(0-0) vs. S.Downs(0-0)

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Game 5 @ Rogers Center

bos0hp.gif(2-2) vs. toronto7iz.gif(0-4)

Oh Canada!!, Ouch Canada!!


Above: Manny Ramirez(BOS) gets a home run in the first, the only run in the game for the Red Sox.

The Red Sox were leading in the first with the Manny Ramirez homerun (Boston up 1-0) then in the bottom of the second Corey Koskey hits a home run with Vernon Wells on 3rd (Tor 2-1)

In the 2nd inning Frank Catalanotto hits a line drive in the CF/RF gap with A.Hill in first base tries to run all the way to home plate and here comes the throw, a collision in home plate and Varitek loses the ball (Tor 3-1)

In the 6th, Arroyo still pitching but Shea Hillenbrand hits a 3 run homerun now there are severe problems for Boston (Tor 6-1), here comes to relief Arroyo, Jon Papelbon in the 7th, Papelbon gives 1 BB and the next batter is Vernon Wells, and Wells hits it to the center field, runers in 1st and 2nd now a triple by Koskey, 2 runs score, then koskey scores on a fly ball to the RF. and the throw to the plate, oops, Varitek loses another ball,(tor- wins 1-9), Only 2 hits for the Red Sox in this match up

Player of the game

ph1501678on.jpgShea Hillenbrand 4/4 1 3-run HR

ph2765209km.jpgBronson Arroyo 6.0IP 8H 6R 6ER 3SO 2HR


W:S.Downs(1-0) L:B.Arroyo

Tomorrow's Matchup

C.Schilling(0-1) vs. R.Halladay(0-1)

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Game 6 @ Rogers Center (Modded by: rdsk)

bos6og.gif(2-3) vs. toronto9vt.gif(1-4)

A double error cost the Red Sox


Above: this double error cost the win to the Sox

the double error was crucial in this game, this was an extra innings game, in the 10th Vernon wells is batting and hits a line drive to 3rd, Mueller gets the ball and trows it to Millar in 1st, Millar loses the ball and Nixon needs to run for this ball, then Vernon is going to 3rd but Miller (the pitcher) loses the ball and Manny needs to go for the ball, the big yellow arrow indicates that manny has the ball.

Player of the game:

ph4310943or.jpgAaron Hill: 3/4 1 triple 4RBI

ph4346683dz.jpgManny Delcarmen (L,0-1) 4.0IP 10H 4R 3ER 4.82ERA

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Welcome to the Ring Ceremony special

some pictures before the game:

Red Sox are ussing a special uniform

with an standing ovation Dave Roberts gets to the field and gives a hug to Terry Francona:


The fans are happy to see the sox in Fenway:


The sox with their World Series Rings:


And a very strange comercial by Tide before the ceremony:


(Very controversial, and the comercial wasnt censured, we censured it)

A Boston Cartoon:


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Game 7 @ Fenway Park (Modded by Sean O)

bos9uk.gif(2-4) vs. newyorkyankees3fc.gif(2-4)

Bombers explode in the 9th


Above: David Ortiz gives a hug to Edgar Renteria in the first because he hits a home run off Pavano(NYY), Right: David Wells(BOS) stikes out Alex Rodriguez(NYY).


Above: Millar(BOS) hits a home run off Pavano(NYY) that hits the coke bottles in the 7th inning to tie it.

the Red Sox and the Yankees were having a good pitching battle before alvares started pitching for the Red Sox. It was horrible, horrible, in the 9th, The yankees made a rally of 5 runs in the 9th to win it 10-5, Derek Jeter hits a 3 run home run in th 9th and then a A-Rod homerun, making 4 runs in 2 AB for the Bronx Bombers, then Canó drives in 1 run.

Player of the game:

ph1165396fj.jpgDerek Jeter(NYY): 1/5 3-Run HR 4RBI

ph4338770ic.jpgAve Alvarez(BOS): 0.1IP 2H 0R 5ER 7.71ERA



W:T.Gordon(1-0) L:T.Gordon(0-1)

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I am a diehard Yankees fan, but I am posting this to let all of you know, that I have recently updated my super St pat's uni, and it should be on the site shortly. Check it out, its cool, also, feel free to check out the dream Yankees spring training uni, thats my best project up to date.

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