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Madness in the Motor City... A Tigers Dynasty


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Welcome to my Detroit Tigers Dynasty, hope you enjoy...

Game Settings:

Difficulty:  All-Star 

Sliders:	 My own Mix 

Datafile:	None 

Rosters:	 Real Mania's v. 3.81 plus manually updated transactions to Trade Deadline 

Other:	   StrikeZone OFF / Hot Colds OFF / Pitch Cursor ON / Fielding MANUAL

Also I turn off crowds b/c it slows down the game.

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Preseason Roster Moves:

Signed Bob Keppel to AA

Traded J. Johnson, T. Percival, and Placido Polanco to LAD for E. Jackson, Y. Brazoban, and C. Izturis

Traded R. White and N. Cornejo to TB for C. Crawford

New Manager and GM announce Opening Day Lineups:

Newly hired Manager Alex Lewis and GM Alan Trammel (Alan took the spot as GM after Alex Lewis was hired as Manager) finally came up with their opening day lineups.

Batting Order:

vs RHP w/ DH


D. Young will not bat when there is no DH

vs LHP w/ DH


O. Infante will not bat when there is no DH

Pitching Rotation:


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Opening Day:

Bonderman is "DA MAN"


(Above: Carlos Guillen hits a 436 foot bomb in the 1st, Right: Brandon Inge railroads Joe Buck to score the go ahead run.

tigerpaw7fj.pngTonight's Main Attraction was Jeremey Bonderman. He pitched 7 strong innings only giving up 2 runs and earning the Opening Day victory. The Tiger's offense was lead by Carlos Guillen and Dmitri Young. Dmitri had a key bases loaded triple that broke the game wide open. Brandon Inge also had a couple of key hits and plays in the game earning him Player of the Game.

Bonderman's counterpart, Jose Lima, on the otherhand had a very shaky first outing going 7 2/3 innings and giving up 7 runs.

INJURY REPORT: Carlos Guillen left the game in the 7th after diving for a ball. He has a minor ACL sprain and is expected to miss 11 days.

Tigers 1-0

Royals 0-1

Hitting Notables:

D. Dejesus 2-3, 1 RBI

D. Young 1-4, 3B, 3 RBI

B. Inge 2-4, 3B, 1 RBI

Pitching Notables:

J. Lima 7.2 IP, 6H, 7 ER

J. Bonderman 7 IP, 4H, 1 ER

Box Score:


Tomorrow's Matchup: Zach Greinke (0-0) vs. Mike Maroth (0-0)

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Greinke the Great


(Above: Chip Ambres strikes out against Mike Maroth, Right: Magglio Ordonez hits a solo hr in the 2nd.)

tigerpaw3qm.pngTonight was not the Tiger's night, but it was Zach Greinke's. Greinke went for a Complete Game while only giving up 3 ERs. Matt Stairs helped him out by hitting a bases loaded double in the 1st clearing the bases. The Royals never trailed after this.

Mike Maroth went only 6 innings while giving up 5 ERs. Mike Maroth said after the game, "Tonight just wasn't my night. My curveball wasn't breaking and I didn't have any zip on my fastball". Alex Lewis has told us that he will have a talk with the team because they just weren't prepared for the game. Lewis stated, "They just weren't prepared. They were jacking around during BP and it showed. I will make sure that they don't take the Royals lightly anymore".

INJURY REPORT: Chris Shelton came out in the 6th with a pulled groin. Shelton dove for a ball, trying to keep it in the infield to prevent a run. He is expected to be back in action in 6 days.

Tigers 1-1

Royals 1-1

Hitting Notables:

M. Stairs 2-4, 2 2B, 5 RBI

D. Young 2-4, 2 RBI

Pitching Notables:

Z. Greinke 9 IP, 7H, 3 ER (W, 1-0)

M. Maroth 6 IP, 6H, 5 ER (L, 0-1)

Box Score:


Tomorrow's Matchup: Runelvys Hernandez (0-0) vs. Nate Robertson (0-0)

Today's Transactions: Called up Curtis Granderson and sent down Bobby Higginson to AAA.

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i like the young setup of the team, with a couple vets in there. looks like you have them built for the long all, but may struggle a little with the pitching at last for the first bit of time.

but you appear to have a fuatre winner here

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thisa little off subject, but wher you find the ssilders with the game, i need to do something about all thes doubl edidgt socre games. its littel to unreal. i'm getting 12-10 grame or there about.

not 5-4 or soething more to the average.

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