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Minors in the Majors: A San Francisco Dynasty


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This dynasty is composed completely of "top 100 prospects" players.


difficulty: MVP

sliders: default

fantasy draft: ON

version: PS2

unlockables: all

I like portraits so I drafted players in the top 100 with portraits first. I did a little fumbling around in the trading market and this is what my line up came up to:


Batting Order

LF: J. Gathright

CF: J. Reed

C: J. Mauer

RF: N. Swisher

1B: R. Howard

3B: D. McPherson

SS: R. Weeks

2B: C. Burke

P: E. Jackson


C: J. Willingham

OF: W. Tavaras

OF: R. Church

1B: C. Kotchman

OF: F. Guzman

Pitching Rotation

Starting Five:

E. Jackson

S. Kazmir

J. Van Benschoten

C. Nageotte

C. Tsao


Righties: G. Floyd

J. Capellan

J. Durbin

Lefties: O. Uttuslien

D. Meyer

Setup: M. Valdez

Closer: J. Crain

Total Player Salaries: $29.7M

None of the positions are really set. I have a lot of good prospects in AAA like J. Francis. I'm going to promote/demote as fitting. Any suggestions are welcome. Wish me luck.

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