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  1. Love the MVP Caribe logo. Excellent work - can't wait to see the finished product guys!
  2. Then what's the name for me hitting him in the earhole next time up? Not sayin' I did...just wondering... Why would anyone think about pitching to Greinke in the first place? That guy is bat **** crazy - hate to see what he'd do if you pissed him off. Any thought about putting the Giants alternate "Gigantes" uniform in one of their slots. Basically the same jersey, just with a Latin American flair. As such: They wear them every once in awhile to celebrate their hispanic history and what not. Anyway, good work. Enjoy '08 when the Royals have a better record than the Giants. But at least I'll get to see the three games they come to Kauffman.
  3. I installed your uniforms and did a quick play it now game. The first batter, David Eckstein, hit a 430 ft home run. Granted, he looked wonderful doing it. But I'm fairly certain it's your fault.
  4. Been awhile, but here it goes... ...easy stuff first: definitely agree with Y4L on the TBS. IMO, 100,000% better than FOX. I hope they make a bid when FOX's contract is up, which I have no idea when that is. ...Frank TV is probably going to suck, as 30 minutes or one hour of those impressions is going to get old. But, to me anyway, he does a damn good job with them. Especially Nicholson. ...I've always said it would be a matter of time before Colorado made a run at a championship. The front office has built that club the right way and they're going to be good for awhile now. This isn't a one-season fluke. Take notes Sabean. ...I could write an essay about Florida's loss last night, but this isn't the place. Basically, LSU pimp-slapped the D-Line around, going 5/5 on fourth down. Les Miles outcoached Urban Meyer. And having a team comprised of 70% freshmen isn't an excuse for a lack of toughness. However, I guess it's too demanding to expect a team so young to come in a repeat last year's success. The foundation is there though - safety Major Wright and corner Joe Haden each played a hell of a game. But we're going to need Tennesse to lose again now to have a chance at an LSU rematch.
  5. Never go bowling. You could rupture a flexor tendon. Then again, you could be smart enough to stop bowling when your finger first hurts...instead of drinking more to numb the pain and get two more games in. Oh yeah...Giants still suck.
  6. The Giants are run by idiots. When's college football start up...
  7. 7 IP, 3 H, 1 R, BB, 3 K Loss. There was a point I thought I would get to watch every fifth day and enjoy it this season. Now I can't even do that. When's college football start again?
  8. Don't let Sabean read that - he'll trade Cain or Lincecum straight up for such a stellar player as Farnsworth. Then he'll trade whoever doesn't go to New York to Florida so he can get his boy Blownitez back. When's college football start?
  9. If Matt Cain called a press conference tonight and called all his teammates pieces of ****, I'd probably buy him a steak dinner. Go Padres!!! Hope we're 20 games out by July 1. Hell, Sabean would still probably try to trade one of our young pitchers thinking we're one piece away.
  10. That's a damn nice sig. I really didn't see him getting traded that fast as Sabean has been in his jock for awhile now. Thanks for doing it man - definitely one of the best sigs I've seen in awhile.
  11. Well, with my hard drive crash a few days ago, I lost photoshop and haven't been able to find it to reinstall. So could someone do me a solid and make me an anti-Blownitez sig? Preferably one saying "get the hell out" - or maybe it should be more PG? Either way, I'd like it to show my distaste for all things Blownitez so I can proudly display it until he's gone. And it'd be cool if you actually used the word "Blownitez" in it. Thanks in advance if someone decides to tackle this one.
  12. ...Happy Mother's Day. ...season starts Thursday. Excited, but there's a lot of crap to do before then. ...Lincecum got his first victory. Congrats kid. Looks like he settled down a little bit after the excitement of his first career start. We'll see if that's true as Bochy has said that he will make his next scheduled start, despite the return of Ortiz. Guess that means Russ is probably going to be long relief for now. ,,,don't know if I like the direction "The Shield" is taking. Guess we'll see.
  13. ...Lincecum debuts tonight!! I don't want to start any worthless arguments in here, but I find it funny that Hughes and Bailey get talked about all the time - and that Hughes' debut was amped up - but I've yet to see anything more than an article on MLB.com mentioning Lincecum's debut tonight. There's not a pitching prospect more dominant than Lincecum right now. Hamels v Lincecum should be a hell of a matchup.
  14. ...Matt Cain's going to have a 2.30 ERA this season...and only win five games. And none of those wins will come from the one no-hitter he's going to throw - he'll lose that game 1-0. ...got free tix to an Indy race today. Don't know how I feel about that because I could care less about racing. Then again, maybe I'll run into Danica Patrick?
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