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Signature issues - Please read

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Guys, this is, quite frankly, pathetic. I'm ashamed that I even have to make this thread, but it has to be done.

How many times do we have to tell you about the rules regarding signatures? I am personally getting pretty bored of having to replace the signatures of people who have decided to disobey the rules of this site and hope they would get away with it.

No, I know you're thinking about it as you're reading this. Don't even bother trying to use the "Oops, I didn't know it was so big" argument or the "Wow, I didn't know that rule. Sorry!" one. It's getting old. I'm now finding myself replacing the signatures of members who have been here for a while, know the rules, yet choose to make and use signatures that are too big and just hope that the staff won't notice. Oh, yes, we notice. Don't think for a second we don't. Just because it hasn't been replaced doesn't mean we haven't noticed, it means that it's been noted and if the time ever comes, which we hope it doesn't, where we have to use this as evidence, we will.

In short, here are a few hints.

1. You know the rules. Stick with them and we'll all be happy.

2. If you don't know the rules, you know where to find them. See #1.

3. Don't bother trying to use an image that's just that little bit over the rule because if you reduced it to the appropriate size, it didn't look as good.

4. If you do decide to totally ignore these rules and use an image which is too large, your whole signature will be replaced. If you decide to try again - hours, days, weeks or months later, don't forget, it's down in your own personal notebook. You only get a limited amount of chances. Don't push your luck.

This is directed to all members, please don't think that. It's directed to the people who are blatantly ignoring the rules that have been set up for the site.

This site is free to use. We require nothing from our members to actually be members here, it's a privilege that anyone can enjoy. Please show some respect to other members, who can have their MVPMods experience affected negatively by you disobeying the rules, and to the staff of the site, who work hard to keep the site running smoothly, by remembering this and obeying these simple rules.


Mark B.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.