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Oriole Park v.4.1 uploaded!

The Big O

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I've made another update to my Oriole Park mod in which I made a few major changes.

Pictures for the day version can be found here and night version pics are here.

Stadium overall:

Recolored dirt and warning track textures to actual colors for both day and night versions

Relocated ad holders behind home plate closer to actual location

Fixed lighting issues with the Bud Light ad in LF in day version

Redid Babe Ruth Museum, Union, Bud Light, Constellation Energy and Southwest Airlines ads

Added Big Mario's Pizza ad

Added flags behind CF bullpen area

Created the grounds crew area in the RF wall

Removed O's 50th logo from baselines (only there Opening Week)

Added Left centerfield dimension marker

Added photo-realistic progress scoreboards and recolored for night and day versions

Blanked out the two message boards on the upperdeck

Fixed shimmering issue with edge of grass in the infield

Main Scoreboard:

Completely Redone!

Added photo-realistic Toyota ad

Added actual scoreboard graphics from photo and recolored for night and day versions

Completely redid superstructure, Baltimore Sun ad, Orioles logo and clock - much cleaner now

Added pregame Jumbotron shot to replace Orioles logo at pregame

RF scoreboard:

Used a better photo to show actual scores in progress and recolored for night and day versions

As always I appreciate any donations for my efforts via Paypal (jtrea81@verizon.net). If you have any comments, PM me or email me at thebigoriole@yahoo.com. Enjoy! :D

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changed Boston vs. TB to Cleveland vs. TB on the RF scoreboard.

Great job. Whenever someone releases a stadium I usually change the scoreboards myself to Visitors vs. Orioles or whatever. For some reason, it just bothers me being like the Red Sox and seeing Cleveland or New York as the visiting team when I'm the Sox.

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