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  1. Makes the Pitching Mini-Game more easy/more difficult.
  2. 1,366 downloads

    This pack contains the following: eazip.exe, rfshtool.exe and a couple of batch files for an easier decompressing/recompressing method for your datafiles. Many people keep asking, again and again, about how to mess around (create, open, edit, etc) with datafiles... well, just use these tools and stop spamming the forum with the same questions, hehehe. Its really fool proof... (or so I think)... hopefully you won't need any extra help 'making it work'. Happy datafile modding! - The H
  3. That's very nice, KKKerry... good job.
  4. KKKerry, Dude!... F*CKING AWESOME! Thanks a lot .
  5. Yeah, but that's just wrong dude, hahaha... I'm joking, but for a guy like Brett, you have to do things right... you know, he's no A-Rod, hehehe... he's a freaking HOF.
  6. Disengage, I didn't know Brett was a switch hitter .
  7. Damn you guys! you're GOOD... REALLY GOOD.
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