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SpeedDemon91 Mariners Photo Update Uploaded


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I'm in the middle of uploading it but it wont work

it is a rar file, i have a readme, i have a screenie, i go to upload center pick one file, hit enter, use browse to select my rar file hit next but then it sits there, its been an hour, i swear :banghead:

I'm probualy messing up something really simple, im' sorry im new at this

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Here are the guys that will be updated once it loads


2022- Aaron Taylor

0040- Rich Aurilia

0096- Bret Boone

0206- Ben Davis

1553- Willie Bloomquist

0960- Dan Wilson

0538- Edgar Martinez

1198- Ryan Franklin

0296- Freddy Garcia

0338- Eddie Guardado

0356- Dave Hansen

0360- Shigetoshi Hasegawa

0407- Raul Ibanez

1263- Ichiro

1834- Julio Mateo

2344- Aaron Looper

0569- Gil Meche

0620- Mike Myers

0610- Jamie Moyer

0649- John Olerud

1448- Joel Pinero

1925- J.J. Putz

1971- Ramon Santiago

1998- Chris Snelling

2005- Rafael Soriano

0838- Scott Spiezio

2453- Jamal Strong

2041- Luis Ugueto

0914- Ron Villone

0963- Randy Winn

1300- Pat Borders

0130- Jolbert Cabrera

0415- Kevin Jarvis

0555- Quinton McCracken

1182- Hiram Bocachica

1985- Andy Shibilo

2092- A.J. Zapp*

1283- Scott Atchison*

1839- Scott Maynard*

2191- Travis Blackley*

2179- Cha-Seung Baek*

1749- Jim Horner*

2377- Clint Nageotte*

1732- Jeff Heaverlo*

2029- Matt Thornton*

2350- Bobby Madritsch*

6200- Rett Johnson**

6201- Bucky Jacobsen**

6202- Craig Anderson**

6203- Elpidio Guzman**

6204- George Sherrill**

6205- Greg Wear**

6206- Jared Hoerman**

6207- Jose Lopez**

6208- Justin Leone**

6209- Mickey Lopez**

6210- Randy Williams**

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With your portraits added to the Total Minors Total Portrait Set Seattle is only missing these players from AA

(my player ids might be different from yours, just ignore them)

6215 Wladimir Balentien

1534 Ryan Balfe

6216 Evel Bas-Martinez

6217 Glenn Bott

6218 Troy Cate

2223 Shin-Soo Choo

6219 Dustin Delluchi

6220 Ryan Feierabend

6221 Jeff Flaig

6222 Cristian Guerrero

6223 Jared Hoerman

6224 Aaron Jensen

6225 Ryan Ketchner

6226 Bobby Livingston

6227 Gustavo Martinez

6228 Luis Oliveros

6229 Josh Womack

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Its back up now and I have the photos for all of the players exept for these,

Evel Bastida-Martinez

Jeff Flaig

Aaron Jensen

Gustavo Martinez

If anyone knows where to find these, I would apperciate it :D

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I will upload version 2.0 sometime in the next hour or so, it includes all of the players on the TotalMinors exept for

Aaron Jensen

Gustavo Martinez

Jeff Flaig- I have one for him but it is really bad quality so im not using it

I cant find these poriraits anywhere, its like these guys don't exist :(

I fixed how some of the players got there chins cut off, and gave some players new photos thst wern't the best of quality before

I hope everyone likes it :D

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