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Dodgers Work In Progress (NIGHT screens 6-20)


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Just a quick update on what I am working on right now, I was hoping

to have everything done before this weeks series with the :evil: Yanks :evil:

but a few changes are taking longer than expected. Look for a release

by Wednesday 6/23 at the latest.


Dodger Stadium Day - Making a few changes and improvements, approx. 85% done.

Dodger Stadium Night - Complete makeover, approx. 80% done.

Menu music update - Replacement menu music geared towards Dodger

fans, but all baseball fans will appreciate. Lacking 1 song then will be


No good screens to share at this time, will try to have some in the next few days.

Hope everyone is enjoying Dodger Stadium v1.0.

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Sorry for no updates everyone, needed a break so I headed over to

Vegas and stayed longer than expected. I will get back to work tonight

and hope to update and add screens on Saturday or Sunday.

I can't wait!!

Which song are you looking for. Maybe I could help you track it down.

The song is "It's A Beautiful Day For A Ballgame" by The Harry Simone

Songsters, or better known as the song played before every Dodger

radio brodacast. It is available on one album, "Baseball's Greatest Hits

Part II", a rare baseball song CD released in 1990. I have found a few

copies of the CD, but am not willing to pay the 50-70 bucks they want

just to get 1 song. Any help would be much appreciated.

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That is SO COOL!!! On another message board, someone was asking for a list of favorite baseball songs. I listed that one as my favorite because, as you mention, it was (and maybe still is) the song played at the beginning of every Dodger radio broadcast. I remember having my transister radio under my pillow with my ear phone in place so mom and dad thought I was sleeping, but I was actually listening to the game. Oh, the memories. I'll see what I can do to track it down.

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that's a cool song!, whats the song they play after a dodger win?

I'm not sure, but a recording of the 50,000 fans yelling YANKEES SUCK

last night at the stadium would be a very good choice. 8)

I'll see what I can do to track it down.

Thanks, hope you have more luck than I have so far, the radio under the

pillow reminds me of when I was a kid myself. I can remember yelling

about Dusty Baker hitting a GW HR and my parents running in my room

thinking something bad happened to me.

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I am going to try and release the night version today/tonight, after

returning from Vegas I found my 2 pups have parvo and have been

dealing with that, making for a hell weekend.

It wont be perfect, but at least you can play your night games.

As for Day ver 1.1 and the music update, they will come ASAP,

provided I dont have a heart attack or nervous breakdown dealing

with the pups. :banghead:

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alright thanks bro, and also in the day version 1, the sky was too solid, would it be possible to add the mountains and hills in the background like in the default dodgers stadium?

just a suggestoin, if not its cool

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CaliColts...great work, I can't say it enough. I do have a very dumb question for you. I noticed the strobe light don't work anymore when a homerun is hit, I'm not sure if was there before...I know it is a day stadium...but I thought it worked during the day too. Is it my old age playing tricks on me or is it missing from your mod?

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take your time Cali Colts, LOLZ we expect the best from you , Cant say it enough the day Stadium is AMAzing, iove the detils in them, It makes the game so real!!!!! The dodgers are on the road so i wont play for awhile at home anyways, Now if Shawn Green can get a hit, i'd be happy lolz

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Ok, the night version 1.0 has been uploaded, look for it soon.

GridIronGhost- I will look into the strobes, I am pretty sure the

ones on the stadium are working, but I may have screwed something

up in the pavilion, honestly I havent even played enough to even

notice. Thanks for pointing it out.

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