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Busch Stadium WIP!!


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hope these are of use to you i searched all over the place :)



Looks like these are from 2002, but i think it still looks about the same(i live in Ohio) so not real sure)

Click the little arrow in upper right for more pictures.

Anyone know if Big Mac land is still in left field? Would love that in the stadium.

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just ketting u kno that i'm officialy working on busch stadium here is what i did so far been real busy sorry didnt do much:

- Changed most ads to current ads. But i need current pics of the stadium

- Imput Mike grass texture All credit goes to him

- imputed Mikes infiled dirt texture credit goes to him.

I just need to get real current pics of the stadium is anybody going to a game that can take some pics of the stadium for me?

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You need to see if you can do something with the green rails that are around the lower levels. The only place in the stadium with railing is the upper deck so that people don't fall. Anywhere else, the railing should be taken out.

Everything looks pretty much the same as the pics that were posted earlier, just change the Budweiser sign in left-center to the Gametime AD instead of the Born on Date AD.

I'll try to post anything else I notice that is wrong with the stadium. BTW, thank you for doing Busch. It really doesn't look like it should take that much work because it is really just moving a few ads around (at least not as much as some other stadiums), but thank you anyway.

Just thought about this also, please move the video board back to right field. They never got this right. Pretty hard to believe that you would screw up where a video board is in a professional stadium.

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