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Miami Marlins Future Stadium


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Just letting you know im putting Pro Player on hold for the moment until i can get to the stadium to get some more pics. Until then i am beginning work on the Miami Marlins Future Stadium. I am using Coors Field as a base.

Heres an update:

1. Removed scoreboard in leftfield

2. Removed fans and stands in centerfield

3. Removed flags in leftfield and centerfield

Things to do:

Too many to list at this point. Here is a couple of pics that my work will be based on. Ill get some actual screens of my stadium up in a few days. Uniforms will follow once the stadium is complete. Currently there is no timetable for release.





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Nice, went to pro player few days ago, too bad i dont have a digital camera to take photo's

As for thier new stadium, what did they ever decide on, i remember hearing that they moved the ask for the money from the state to another date, after that didnt hear no more, they approve it? Also do they plan the retractable roof?

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