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TACOS FOR SALE ! 78 Padres! wip ???Quinnes tu Pappi???


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Damn those dodgers, they got swept!, They re literally falling apart man , no more uniforms for them, they don't deserve my mad skills, Damn them to hell, I can't belive it, They beat are butts so bad and shawn green had one stinking hit!!!! They need to bench him or better yet fire Jim tracy!!!!! He has no managing skills whatsoever.

This is what i see this season, All the dodgers are doing is playing for numbers because next year the team will definitely fall apart,

Gone next year, Shawn Green , Nomo, and one of the infielders are gonna have to go, They are gonna have to make room for Nomar Garciaparra,

Money shouldnt be an issue next year, with brown gone and Hundley finally out of contract

tracy will also go next year.

Edwin Jackson or Greg Millar may get traded to bring in a bat.

The dodger season is over unless something drastic happens, like they fire tracy! or get some hooters cheerleaders! i dont know if thate make those shirts in blue damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tacos will be served by this weekend, i gotta finish the angels faces , i play them next on my dynasty

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LA needs to get rid of Green - loved him in the past but his numbers are going down every year. I hear talks of bringing Delgado over (he and Green are buds) w/hopes of firing up Green. Delgado is awesome but aging and been hurt most of this year.

Rolie, I agree... Nomar will be a Dodger next year. We have to get a stud in here since we blew the Beltran trade!

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The only reason green had those monster years were because of Sheffield giving him protection,

i never saw the bel;tran trade coming here, i heard we turned down the trade involving mota, good choice, Mota is one of our best pitchers,

I kinda like our infielders, they are playing good this year, I guess more bait to trade em, Nomar definitely coming here, he was coming this year but the new owners just got in

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The 1901 Milwaukee Brewers moved to St. Louis in 1902 and became the Browns. The Browns are now known of course as the Baltimore Orioles.

The 1901 Baltimore Orioles lasted for 2 years, then moved to New York and became the Highlanders. You probably know them better as the Yankees.

Other interesting team names:

The Chicago Cubs were known as the Chicago White Stockings from 1876 - 1893.

The St. Louis Cardinals were known as the St. Louis Browns from 1883 - 1898.

The Philadelphia Phillies were called the Blue Jays in 1943 and 1944

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