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Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium


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No way. Busch Stadium looks nothing like AFC Stadium. Besides it's circular shape.

Huh? They are both circular shape...

Both were made in the era when concrete bowl multipurpose facilities were popular, so they are almost exact from the inside

Also, if im not mistaken, the two were built within 5 years and hold almost the exact same dimensions.


found some more info

AFC was built in 1965, Busch in 1966 with almost the same floor plan

the dimensions were:

AFC: 330-385-402-385-330

Busch: 330-378-402-378-330

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That's what I meant. I meant the circular shape was the only thing similar about them.

Otherwise, they are very different. The outfield walls are 10-feet high, not Busch Stadium's eight feet. The outfield seats are also elevated, with nothing beyond the wall except for some of the stuff they use for football games (kind of like in right field of the Metrodome). The bullpens are also located in foul territory down the lines. I wish I could find more pictures.

Trust me. I went to AFC Stadium growing up.

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Not to mention the fact that Fulton County once had those screened walls similar to what US Cellular has today but better.

Though they are both from the same cookie cutter football/baseball multi-use facility era...and as such perhaps the idea is right...use pieces from Busch and edit them to make Fulton County...Now if only I knew how to do that from scratch...

There has to be an easier way of making these damn stadiums and why can't EA be as open minded to included every possible or imaginable stadium ever played in (where's Comiskey Park, the baseball palace of the world; or how about venerable old Municiple Stadium from Baltimore, Three Rivers, Veterans, Qualcom (Jack Murphy Stadium), etc...so many they could have included) EA is sinister...purposely leaving them out so every year we must by new versions of the game, and then not included previous year features...

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why dont you guys look for oedit tutorials, ask stadium modders for references, and make afc stadium yourself.

this is just a suggestion. I doubt people will devote time to make it for you unless they're interested in it themselves.

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