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Tampa Bay Devil Rays 2006 - We're Here To Play....


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Welcome to my very frist (serious) dynasty here on MVPMODS, now I may not be new to this but I am very new to the format that im going to be using on these forums (I am kind of ripping off Lual's format so I hope he doesnt mind *cowers*).

Game Settings:

Version:	 PC using EA Patch #5 and MVP:06 Mod

Difficulty:  All-Star

Sliders:	 My own selection

Datafile:	MVP:06

Rosters:	 Ultimate Rosters V5.1

Progression: Bills Progression Fix V2

Other:	   StrikeZone ON / Hot Colds OFF / Pitch Cursor FADE / Fielding AUTO / Fair Trades ON

Well that's all i have to say right now so i hope you enjoy my dynasty and i make ask for your descision on some trades ;)



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Devil Rays announce the upcoming seasons Lineups!

Batting Lineup:

LF - Carl Crawford

CF - Joey Gathright

DH - Aubrey Huff

RF - Rocco Baldelli

2B - Jorge Cantu

SS - Julio Lugo

1B - Travis Lee

3B - Sean Burroughs

C - Toby Hall


2B - Nick Green

C - Kevin Cash

RF - Jonny Gomes

RF - Delmin Young

Pitching Rotation:

1 - Scott Kazmir

2 - Casey Fossum

3 - Mark Hendrickson

4 - Doug Waechter

5 - Seth McClung


LRP - Jesus Colome

MRP - Chad Harville

MRP - Dan Miceli

MRP - Chad Orvella

MRP - Tim Corcoran

SU - Shinji Mori

CL - Travis Harper

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Game 1: Tampa Bay Devil Rays @ Baltimore Orioles

D-Rays take it in 11


Above: Toby Hall sends one out to left to add 3 runs in the 11th,Right: The Bench gets up as the ball rockets into the left tfield stands

Opening day at Camden Yards couldn't have been better for the capacity crowd who flocked in to see the D-Rays and The Orioles do battle for Opening Day pride.

Tampa shot off to an early 3-1 lead in the 3rd off a Crawford double and a Gathright single. With Kazmir not throwing his right stuff all throughout the game he was forced to take a seat in the bottom of the 5th which setup Jesus Colome to come on and rattle the Orioles.

But it was in the bottom of the ninth when Kevin Millar (The former Red Sox player who was picked up by the Orioles in the off season) who tied the game up with his Huge 2 RBI Home Run into left field.

Although that brought down the spirits of the D-Rays, they fought back in the 11th to get 2 base hits and then have Toby Hall rip on an inside pitch to send it sailing into the upper deck of the left field stands.

D-Rays Talk:

Kazmir: "It just wasn't me out there today, it may have been because it was Opening Day, but i havent thrown that bad since I picked up the ball after the season finished last year."

Hall: "I just can't believe i was able to setup on Opening Day to get our club the first win on the year."

D-Rays Notables:


Stats Lost


Stats Lost


		R	H   E

TB	  8   19   0

BAL	 5   15   0

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Personally I'd have Rocco batting behind Cantu,and I'd also make it a priority to get Gomes bat in the lineup. :wink: Just my 2 cents.

Thanks snaz, ill keep it in mind.

nice. Anyways what roster are u using?

Ultimate Rosters V5.1

34 combined hits!

mmmm, lots of hitting but no runs ;)

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Game 2: Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1-0) @ Baltimore Orioles (0-1)

5 Inning Limit?


Above: Fossum only lasted 5 Inning tonight which is the same amount that Kazmir lasted in the last game ,Right: Toby Hall hits his second Home Run in as many games.

Only 24 hours after the dust had settled from Opening Day the D-Rays and the Orioles were at it again. It didn't take much for the Orioles to get there bats swinging as Hernandez belted a 2RBI HR in the bottom of the 1st to put the Orioles up 2-0.

On the other side, the D-Rays were having trouble with their own bats as they were kept hitless for 5 Innings. It wasn't unti the top of the 6th that the D-Rays could get someone on base. And it was not until the Top of the 8th that the bats were really alive when Toby Hall hit his second Home Run of the year, belting a 425ft Home Run into the left field stands scoring 2 runs.

In the second straight game the Opening pitcher for the D-Rays was only able to pitch 5 Inning which really the D-Rays because of the lack outs they were able to get while the Orioles were hitting singles, doubles and even Home Runs left, right and centre.

D-Rays Talk:

Andrew Friedman (D-Rays GM): "It must be something going through the locker room at the moment because our pitchers just can't seem to pitch more than 5 Innings."

Hall: "Two in two games doesn't do much for myself or the team because we didn't win."

D-Rays Notables:


T. Hall 1-3, 2RBI, R, HR

S. Burroughs 1-3, 2R

T. Lee 1-3, R


C. Fossum (L 0-1) 5.0IP 11H 7R 7ER 0BB 5SO 3HR 12.60ERA

S. Mori 1.0IP 1H 0R 0ER 0BB 1SO 0HR 0.00ERA

T. Corcoran 1.0IP 1H 0R 0ER 0BB 1SO 0HR 0.00ERA


		 R   H	E

TB	   4   6	0

BAL	  7   13   0

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Game 3: Tampa Bay Devil Rays (1-1) @ Baltimore Orioles (1-1)

Hendrickson throws a gem


Above: Gathright gets one of his 2 hits for the night,Right: Lugo lays down a great bunt

After playing 2 games and having one a game each the D-Rays and the Orioles were both looking for a second win in the series. Both teams went all out swinging from the opening pitch but weren't able to put a run on the board until the 3rd when Joey Gathright hit a 2 out, RBI single into left field.

To back up the run the D-Rays had a great pitcher in Hendrickson who was not allowing the O's to get any hits at all. It was in the 5th that the D-Rays scored another 2 runs and went up 3-0 going into the bottom of the 9th.

Travis Harper came down from the pen to throw the last inning for the D-Rays but didn't know that he would have a tough time. Harper let the O's have 4 hits on him and they scored 2 runs in the process giving the D-Rays a heartattack. But as Harper does he came back and got the final out to get the D-Rays out of trouble and win them the game.

D-Rays Talk:

Hendrickson: "Well I went up against Kazmir and Fossum to put up a nice 7 inning game and i only allowed them 3 hits. I think this is a great start for me this season."

Gathright: "Today's game was good but I should have done better with my speed."

D-Rays Notables:


Gathright - 2/3 2RBI

Crawford - 2/4 1R 1SO

Lugo - 2/4 1R

Huff - 0/4


Hendrickson - 7.0IP 3H 0R 0ER 0BB 3K 0HR 0.00ERA W(1-0)

Colome - 1.0IP 1H 0R 0ER 0BB 0K 0HR 0.00ERA

Harper - 1.0IP 4H 2R 2ER 0BB 0K 0HR 5.40ERA (Save 1)


		R   H   E

TB	  3   9   0

BAL	 2   8   0

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As of now i will only be posting these type of recaps for Home games, i will only post box scores and Notables for away games. This will allow me to get through the season as i don't have heaps of time on my hands.

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Game 1: Tampa Bay Devil Rays (2-1) @ Toronto Blue Jays (2-1)

The Bats are alive!

D-Rays Notables:


S. Burroughs - 4/5 4R 2Doubles

T. Hall - 4/5 3R 6RBI 2HR

N. Green - 3/5 1R 1RBI 1HR 1SO

J. Gomes - 1/4 1R 1RBI 1SO


D. Waechter - 8.2IP 7H 4R 4ER 0BB 4SO 1HR 4.15ERA W(1-0)

D. Miceli - 0.1IP 0H 0R 0ER 0BB 0SO 0HR 27.00ERA


		R	H   E

TB	 12   20   0

TOR	 4	7   1
Game 2: Tampa Bay Devil Rays (3-1) @ Toronto Blue Jays (2-2) Hall goes deep.....Again! D-Rays Notables: Hitting: S. Burroughs - 3/4 Double C. Crawford - 2/5 R SO 2Triples T. Hall - 1/3 R RBI HR BB SO Pitching: S.McClung - 7.0IP 6H 1R 1ER 0BB 2SO 0HR 1.29ERA W(1-0) S. Mori - 1.0IP 3H 1R 1ER 0BB 1SO 0HR 4.50ERA T. Harper - 1.0IP 2H 0R 0ER 0BB 0SO 0HR 4.15ERA

	   R   H   E

TB	 4  11   1

TOR	2  11   1
Game 3: Tampa Bay Devil Rays (4-1) @ Toronto Blue Jays (2-3) D-Rays on a roll! D-Rays Notables: Hitting: C.Crawford - 5/6 3R 2RBI 2B 3B SB CS J. Gathright - 4/6 3R 5RBI 3B HR SB A.Huff - 4/6 2R 2RBI T. Lee - 4/6 3R RBI 2B HR N. Green - 1/1 R RBI HR Pitching: S. Kazmir - 8.0IP 4H 2R 2ER 0BB 2SO 1HR 2.84ERA W(1-0) T. Harper - 1.0IP 3H 4R 2ER 0BB 0SO 1HR 6.75ERA

	   R	H   E

TB	17   25   2

TOR	6	7   4

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I know it sucks having to play all the games and Im tempted to skip as well, but I just cant find the strength to do it. Im gonna play to the last if it kills me. All 162.............Nice dynasty though. I love the ones that have just a couple of pics and enough info on a game. Keeps it tight and clean looking, you know what I mean? Good Job! ! ! :wtg:

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