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2006 Blue Jays Dynasty


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Hi people. I started reading these dynasty threads, and it looked like fun, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Online games on PC are discontinued so I hear, which totally blows, so I have to play offline. This sounded like the next best thing to do.

My Dynasty Settings:

1. MVP level

2. My own personal sliders

3. Fair Trades on

4. Swinging Soriano's Rosters w/ my own editting on batting stances, pitching deliveries, and some modifications to players ratings. Some were off pretty bad IMO.

5. Old schedule unfortunately (no MVP06 mod. I'm waiting for the final to come out. Some of the issues didn't work for me)

My Pitching Rotation for Opening Day:


My batting Lineup for Opening Day: (vs. Righties)


My first series is against the Devil Rays in the Juice Box.

I'll be keeping the roster the same for now, although Eric Hinske and Pete Walker are on the trading block for opening day.

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Toronto Blue Jays (0-0) @ Tampa Bay Devil Rays (0-0)

Roy Halladay vs. Scott Kazmir


Home Opener started with a bang. With a runner on, and 2 out, Troy Glaus hits a 2 run homerun off a blazing Kazmir fastball. Jays go up 2-0.


On to the bottom of the 3rd. Jorge Cantu lifts a solo shot off Halladay, to get Tampa on the board. 2-1


Same inning, runner on 1st, single for Jonny Gomes into right field. Aubrey Huff decides to test young Alex Rios' cannon for an arm. Bad Mistake. He's gunned out at 3rd base!


On to the top of the 5th. Aaron Hill blasts a solo shot to deal center of a hanging Kazmir slider. Kazmir is starting to look like he didn't get enough Spring Training time in, as he leaves hanging pitches all over the plate. The Jays deep, newly bolstered offense touch him up for another 5 runs when all is said and done.


Halladay goes 5 innings, allowing 3 runs. A shaky outing from 2 bad mistake pitches to Cantu and Lugo.

Kazmir gets roughed up for 7 runs, but records 6 K's.




Burnett will make the 2nd start of the season. He'll be up against Casey Fossum of the Rays.

SIDE NOTE: J.P. Ricciardi said in an interview that he is fine with the platoon of Hinske and Rios for now. Untill one of them outplays the other, then he has no reason to deal. Sell high as the saying goes.

(how is this setup I have?)

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Toronto Blue Jays (1-0) @ Tampa Bay Devil Rays (0-1)

A.J. Burnett VS. Casey Fossum

gcs00130hz.jpg gcs00019ry.jpg

A.J. Burnett making his Blue Jay day view looks good early. Throwing 98mph fastballs and devestating sliders.


Carl Crawford, who put up a fantastic game 1, with a 2-4 line and a stolen base, goes deep for a solo shot. In the next inning he does it with the glove, robbing Shea Hillenbrand of a homerun. Crawford shows why he's one of the best up and coming, 5-tool players.

Score goes to 1-0

gcs00035yn.jpg gcs00029fs.jpg

Reed Johnson ties it up with a solo shot in the in the 4th inning.

Score goes to 1-1 going into the bottom of the 4th


2 runners on base in the top of the 5th. Fossum starting to wear down.

Hanging fastball, Rios smashes it opposite field for a 3-run homerun. Rios looking good early. Could put Hinske out of a job for good if this keeps up.

Score goes to 4-1 in the bottom of the 5th


Score goes to 5-3 in the bottom of the 9th. Burnett goes 7.1 innings, allowing only 1 earned runs on 4 hits. He strikes out 5. Schoeneweis gives up a run and a run scored on a Glaus error. Speier puts up a perfect 8th to setup for the other big new addition of the 2006 Jays. Mr. B.J. Ryan and his devestating slider!!

Ryan gets the first to batters to ground out, then strikes out the last hitter to end the game in dramatic fashion. Welcome to the Blue Jays Mr. Ryan!


Final Score - 5-3 Blue Jays.




A.J. Burnett Interview:

Reporter: "How did you feel about your first start as a Jay?"

Burnett: "I felt it went very well. I was keeping the ball down, my control was good, placement was great. These Rays are pesky hitters at times, but I stuck in there and hit my spots. I felt it went pretty well."

BJ. Ryan Interview:

Reporter: "How is the clubhouse like for you, moving to Toronto from Baltimore?"

Ryan: "It's great! The guys are loose, Gibby is a very laid back manager, seems to really let the guys go out and play. We're all becoming good friends here and I'm really liking the bullpen behind me. I didn't change divisions so I'm used to facing these opponents and I knew most of these guys before, so I knew I'd fit right in here before I signed. I'm happy here".


Ted Lilly will make his first start of the season in the finale of the 3 game series to the Devil Rays. He'll be up against Seth McClung.

Alex Rios is really putting the heat on Hinske, going .349 with 3 homeruns and 8 RBI's, including 3 SB's in Spring Training, including a 4-11 showing in the World Baseball Classic for Peurto Rico.

If this keeps up, Ricciardi believes there is a merket for Hinske, who also did well in Spring Training. Downside is the former Rookie of the Year has a large paycheck and is owed over 10 million for the next 2 seasons.

If Ricciardi can unload him, it could open up some opportunities to have some extra money for the 2007 season, or add an extra piece come the July 30th trade deadline if the Jays are in contention.

Stay Tuned for Game 3 of the Season Opener in Tampa Bay!

Is that a bit better??? I'm new to setting up these things... I hope I'm doing ok....

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I'm going to make it quicker to go along in this season and only show more important games, like games against division rivals, good pitching matchups, etc.

Jays lost the 3rd game of the series to Tampa Bay 6-5. Ted Lilly went 5 innings surrendering 4 runs on 10 hits. Overbay went 2-4 with 2 RBI's and Molina went 3-4 in the loss.


Next game, Jays home opener vs. Boston. Should be a good one. Wakefield gets the start against Josh Towers.

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Update: Jays sent Josh Towers to the mound against Tim Wakefield in the Blue Jays home opener against the Red Sox. Towers got hit hard in the 5th inning surrendering homeruns to David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez. What else is new....

Wakefield went the distance, completely shutting down the Jays offense, going all 9 innings, striking out 6, while surrendering 7 hits.

Towers went 6 innings, giving up 4 runs in the loss. The relief corps surrendered another 4 runs in the late innings.

End score: Boston 8 Toronto 0

Gustavo Chacin will be on the mound for the 2nd game of the series against Matt Clement.

Jays are now 2-2 going into their 5th game.

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Update: Gustavo Chacin makes his 2006 debut against Boston's Matt Clement. Clement silenced the Jays bats, going 8 innings giving up no runs and 7 hits with 6 K's. Jays bats couldn't find an answer for the 2nd night in a row. Foulke came on for the save, but surrendered 2 runs on a Hillenbrand double. He still recorded the save however.

Chacin went 7 innings, giving up 2 runs on 8 hits with 3 K's. Pete Walker came in for the 8th and 9th, giving up 1 run.

End Score: Boston 3 Toronto 2

Jays are now 2-3 this season

Roy Halladay will make his 2nd start of the season against Curt Schilling in the finale of a 3 game series against Boston. Boston will try for the sweep but will be in tough against Doc.

Next game will be covered fully by me, being that it's Halladay on the mound.

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oh man. I am PISSED!!!

My dynasty got deleted somehow off my system. No idea how, and I'm pretty mad about it.

But I'm going to restart it soon.

I want the new schedule though. Anyways know where to get it? and how to download it?

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thanks. Found it.

Alright, I'mg going to restart this dynasty. I just had one more question for anyone that could help me with this.

I downloaded the MVPsavreader but it had an error when I tried to upload the dynasty files on it. How do I upload without an error?

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