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  1. D-Unit

    Long time no see

    wow. well sad that it isnt like it used to be, but good to see the site still up and running. There is a site for them too no? I just felt the need to revisit this place and check it out. I even found a few of my dynasties I used to post here.
  2. Hey all, anyone here still remember this guy? Man this used to be my favorite site ever! I cant remember the last time I checked in on here. Sorry if nobody does but this site reminds me of some great memories. I found a copy of MVP Baseball 2005 in the mall (For Gamceube unfortunately) the other day and for some reason it didn't hit me until now that I should come back to this site and look back at some of the great work done here. I remember the Kc jersey mods, Spungo accessories and glove packs, kg's rosters, tywiggins, Trues and Hory, the total conversions whether it was up to date for the 2006 MLB season or to replay a full 1994 season that ended short with a strike. All of the cyberfaces and the guys that even put ME into the game, chopping up audio bits to say my last name and using MVPEdit to make it official! The banter with Y4L and MarkB, im sure there are even more. Legacy guys like Homer and others that seemed to stick together on this site for years. Hope this is still a good resource for those that play the game on PC now, im gonna look back at some of this stuff and see what's new here!
  3. How could join chat room

  4. good to see youre back spungo. hope all is well
  5. what is this, facebook? : P

  6. D-Unit

    Site Issues

    looks hi-tech Trues. ugh, now i have to make effort to post a reply : p
  7. http://www.fuelgaugereport.com/sbsavg.asp when i started driving a little before this summer, gas was 4.99 in connecticut. now it's 2.59 at the gas station i currently go to. insane.
  8. D-Unit


    why dont you make your username leavethesite4ever and then follow up on what it reads.
  9. D-Unit


    Alright, thanks a ton man. Thanks Jimmy, I saw it to be fitting.
  10. D-Unit


    Lucas have you seen my request by chance? It was a few pages back.
  11. D-Unit


    Lucas, that's a sick WP but Bambino's blows you away.......
  12. D-Unit


    RaysFTW, I politely asked and said he could do it whenever, if he chose to take my request. I mean life goes on, but I'd like to have a wallpaper made with a talented person (the only person I'm taking a shot at when I say that is myself, my creative ability sucks!). But when you're that good and doing requests for people, he's gonna be asked a lot for some work.
  13. D-Unit


    Lucas, that K-Rod wallpaper is STUNNING. Could I request one like that, with A-Rod instead? No timetable neccessary for something that awesome.
  14. I'll try to check out the velocity I have this year, I'm guranteed for a down year. Tendonitis blows : (
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