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Blue Jays Dynasty 2006 - "You gotta believe!"


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Hey guys. I started an earlier dynasty but it got erased from my comp somehow, so I'm starting up a new one.

For this, I will be posting week by week instead of every game. This way it will go alot faster and it won't be so much work to post everything on here. I'll post the scores, highlight screenshots, and every Jays player is doing at the end of the week.

I think this will make for a much better setup.

So stay tuned, I'll be playing week 1 against the Twins and Devil Rays.

I'll post the opening day rosters in a little while.

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Breaking News: J.P. Ricciardi, GM of the Blue Jays has pulled off a trade with Colorado.

J.P sends Eric Hinske, minor leaguer Ty Taubenheim and $2 Million to the Rockies for pitcher Byung-Hyun Kim.

The reason for this trade is very clear. J.P. wanted to relieve the bottleneck in the outfield, while freeing up some cash. Eric Hinske was owed just over $10 million over the next 2 seasons, while Kim is owed $1.2 million for only this season, then is scheduled to be a free agent. Kim will start in AAA and will be a injury fill in during the year for the Jays.

John-Ford Griffin, who deserves to be in the bigs will now be the 5th outfielder, and fill-in for Shea Hillenbrand at the DH.

Eric Hinske will start in RF, 3B and 1B occasionally for the Rockies, backing up Atkins and Helton when needed, and platooning in RF with Brad Hawpe.

The biggest reason for this trade to happen so early, is to give Rios the starting spot. He's really showing his potential lately, going .348 with 4 HR's and 11 RBI's in Spring Training. He'll be the starting rightfielder, longterm for the Blue Jays.

John Gibbons has also decided to give Rios the leadoff spot. It will be his to lose for the beginning of '06.

Starting Lineups for Opening Day

Batting Order


1. Alex Rios (RF)

2. Frank Catalonotto (LF)

3. Vernon Wells (CF)

4. Troy Glaus (3B)

5. Lyle Overbay (1B)

6. Shea Hillenbrand (DH)

7. Bengie Molina ©

8. Russ Adams (SS)

9. Aaron Hill (2B)


1. Alex Rios (RF)

2. Reed Johnson (LF)

3. Vernon Wells (CF)

4. Troy Glaus (3B)

5. Lyle Overbay (1B)

6. Shea Hillenbrand (DH)

7. Bengie Molina ©

8. Aaron Hill (2B)

9. Russ Adams (SS)


Gregg Zaun ©

John-Ford Griffin (OF-DH)

John McDonald (2B/SS/3B)

Pitching Rotation

1. Roy Halladay

2. A.J. Burnett

3. Ted Lilly

4. Josh Towers

5. Gustavo Chacin


Spot Starter - Scott Downs

Long Relief - Pete Walker

Mid-Relief - Jason Frasor

Lefty Specialist - Scott Schoeneweis

Mid-Relief - Vinnie Chulk

Set-Up Man - Justin Speier

Closer - B.J. Ryan

Notes: My plan is now this. I will be posting every series I do. so 3 games at a time. My first series is my home opener against Minnesota. Roy Halladay of course gets the start. Burnett and Lilly following him.

The Opener should be a great game, just like in real life it was. Halladay VS. Santana. Stay tuned!

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Radeon 9550. It's nuthin special I don't think, but I have it on 1280x1024, with everything souped up to the max.

Surprisingly I get absolutely no chop, and the graphics are pretty good on my comp. It defenetly makes it much more fun to play.

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Minnesota Twins (0-0) @ Toronto Blue Jays (0-0)

Home Opening Series

Game 1

Jays win Cy Young duel, with 13th inning blast by Zaun


Both Halladay and Santana matched eachother, going 8 innings allowing 2 runs. Halladay striking out 6, while Santana striking out 8.

"It was a well fought battle, both pitchers looked great tonight", said Jays skipper John Gibbons. The Jays bullpen held in long enough for pinch hitter Gregg Zaun to blast a deep 2 run homer off Juan Rincon in the 13th inning.


"What a way to kick off the season!", said Zaun. It was truly a great game, right down to the wire in front of a sold out crowd of 52,144 fans in Rogers Center.

Wells had a great game with 3 hits, including a double and a stolen base. Molina hit a towering homerun in the early part of the game.


Here is the pitching box score for the Jays.


End Score - Jays 4 - Twins 2

Game 2

Burnett dominates in debut


A.J. Burnett was turning up the dial in the 2nd game of the season, torching the radar and Minnesota batters, striking out 10 in 8 innings, allowing 2 runs on 7 hits.

Justin Speier came in, in the 9th and struck out 2 batters aswell.


The Jays piled on 15 hits in the 7-2 win. Adams and Rios having good games, with 4 hits combined and a stolen base each.


Radke got roughed up in his 2006 debut giving up 7 runs on 12 hits.


End Score - Jays 7 - Twins 2

Game 3

Jays fall short of sweep, Lilly gets roughed up


Ted Lilly did not fare well in his first start tonight. Lilly went 4 innings, giving up 6 runs on 12 hits, while striking out 3.

Carlos Silva was decent for Minny, going 8 innings, giving up 4 runs on 7 hits, while striking out 4.

When all was said and done, the Twins outslugged the Jays 10-4 led by White and Castillo's assault on Toronto's lefty pitching.


On a good note, Overbay continued his hot start, hitting 2 homeruns while driving in 3 of the 4 runs. Alex Rios hit his first of the season aswell.


Ron Gardenhire was pleased to take at least one from the Jays.


End score - Twins 10 - Jays 4

Next Up: The Jays go to Tampa Bay for their opener, and a 3 game series. Josh Towers will go in game 1. Chacin in game 2, and Halladay will go game 3 against Scott Kazmir.

Here's some other highlights from this series:

Wells watching as his bullet throw picks off Batista at home plate.


Overbay running, while watching the ball leave the yard.


Halladay with a wikkid K on Shannon Stewart, the first batter he faced in 2006.


Stay tuned for the next series!

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