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Marlins>MudCats: Outta the Water and into the Mud!


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I Started up a MudCats dynasty on my XBOX(moved FLA to AA). I'm not sure how long I will keep this thread going, but if there is good interest it will stay longer.

Opening Day Rotation/Lineup:



(What you don't see is Y. Petit LRP)



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[align=center]April 4th, 2006 - Houston, TX

Tempers Flare as MudCats BOMB Stro's!

Papelbon gave up 3 earned runs over the course of 6 innings while allowing 11 hits and only striking out two. 'He didn't have his best command today' said Joe Girardi, 'He wasn't spotting his fastball well, and if he can't locate that pitch well, his other pitches aren't refined enough to still dominate.'

While his control was a little iffy, he still managed to go six innings without a walk, although he did hit a batter.

The story of the day though was the MudCats complete Offensive explosion! They hammered the ball all over the field, and out, to the tune of 21 hits including 6 round-trippers. Ramirez, Cabrera, and Murton all chipped in with three hits a piece. Murton was the most dangerous at the plate though, all three of his hits were four-baggers.

One other thing of note: Jeremy Hermida was ejected in the top of the 8th for charging the mound. He took exception to being drilled in the ribs by Dan Wheeler following a moon shot by Cabrera; his second of the day. Astros SS Adam Everett was hurt in the scuffle, no clues on the extent of his injuries yet.

Papelbon K's Biggio in the top of the first. papelbon1k2rb.jpg


Hanley smacks in the tying run in the top of the 5th, then proceeds to steal 2nd.

With men on 2nd and 3rd in the bottom of the 5th Papelbon comes through with his only other K of the day.



Cabrera hits his first homerun of the young season.

Cabrera launches one out of the stadium as the onslaught continues in the 8th.



Murton connects with his 3rd dinger of the game; right after Hermida is hit.

Player of The Game:

Matt Murton - 3/5 3HR 5RBI[/align]


Team	 R   H   E

MudCats  15  21  2

Astros   6   14  0

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Hey, not to shabby, that Murton looks like a keeper. Keep swing'n for the fences. I will definitely follow along. Just one problem, how do you score 15 runs on 2 hits?? LOL I think you might have forgotten a 1 in your in game box.....lol (21 hits?) just looking out for ya bro... ;)

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Could you tell me how you got the Mudcats into the MLB...I have been trying to get a minor league team into MLB for months.....I have looked at Fuzz studio...I can't figure it out .....did you do it some otherway?

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