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Angel Stadium Of Anaheim (Day Version) Released


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Yes, It's finally done!

OK jackals, I have finished my work on the day version of Angel Stadium, and it is being uploaded to MVPMods and BBSC as I type this. It should be available later today.

From the ReadMe:

HaloFan's Angel Stadium Of Anaheim Mod for MVP Baseball 2004

Day Version 1.0


After two months of blood, sweat, and tears, hundreds of photographs, and countless hours of moving little blue dots around a 3D space have finally culminated in my first release of Angel Stadium circa 2004. More than just putting in real ads, this mod has made extensive changes to the structure of the stadium, thanks to the magic of OEdit, reflecting the changes made in the real life version of the stadium in early 2004. This will only update the stadium for DAY GAMES, a night version will come out in the near future.

Some of the changes made:

Right Field Scoreboard - The structure of the board has been completely altered to take on the look of the 2004 version

Jumbotron - Moved into proper position on the new Daktronics ProStar video board

Working scoreboard - Font changed, and moved to fit in with the rest of the scoreboard

Retired Numbers - They've been moved from left field to right field

Left Field Scoreboard - Built from scratch, not in the EA version

1st and 3rd base line scoreboards - Also built from scratch, not in the EA version

Home plate scoreboard area - Again, built from scratch

Out of town scoreboard - Changed to the 2004 version

Dugouts - Each dugout features real life ads or images, also, dugout suites behind home plate added

Bullpens - Bullpens features real life ads

Left Field Buildings - Buildings feature real life murals

Building outside Stadium - Real building image used, location altered slightly to match real life

Right Field Buildings - Toyota Terrace, retired numbers, bathrooms, concession stands added

Kettle Masters Kettle Korn tent added to right field area

Pepsi ad added to Big A beyond right field

Scoreboards feature the current Angel lineup, and reflects Vladimir Guerrero at bat with his current stats displayed

Opposing team is the A's, with Tim Husdon featured as the pitcher on the mound

Grass - New grass texture used

Dirt - Darkened

Flags - Angel Championship flags installed in left field, American, California, and Anaheim flags created in right

Selection Screen - I've included files that will change the stadium selection screen from the stock photo to a new photo of the stadium matching what I've done. I've also altered the stadium info screen that shows the dimensions by adding the real dimensions. If you wish to add these optional files to your game, see the instructions below.

Ads included:

Right Field:

Home Depot

Paul's TV

Los Angeles Times




Kettle Masters Kettle Korn

Toyota Terrace

The Grandstand (Concession Stand)


Pechanga Resort & Casino

Panda Express


Banco Popular

San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park

Memorial Care Medical Centers

Center Field:


Dominos Pizza (Concession Stand)

AAA Auto Club

Ameriquest Mortgage Company

Coors Light Billboard

Arrowhead Pond Of Anaheim

Left Field:

Kragen Auto Parts




Corona Extra

Verizon Wireless

Majestic Athletic

Angels Rookie Table (Concession Stand)

1st and 3rd base lines:

Heritage Organic Milk

Southern California Edison

Paul's TV



Angel Stadium sign


The Orange County Register

Las Vegas


Fox Sports Net

24 Hour Fitness (Visiting Dugout)

Angel logos (Angel dugout)

Behind Home Plate:

KCAL 9 Sports

ESPN Radio 710

KTNQ 1020 AM

Fox Sports Net

Only Vegas


I hope you enjoy this mod and it brings you some added realism and satisfaction whenever you play (or play as) The A-Team!

NOTE: Due to the way MVP handles some of the textures that have been moved around the ballpark in OEdit, some of the ads will disappear at certain angles. I've done what I can to reduce this, but with all the things I've moved around to places where the game doesn't think they belong, you will see this happen from time to time...

For more information, you can take a look at my work in progress thread over at the highheat2004.net forum which will soon be the place to find updates on the night version of Angel Stadium, which will hopefully take me less than the 2 months it took to finish the day version. ;)

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I'm glad you guys are enjoying it!

Just a few questions for the purpose of feedback:

Do you like the grass?

Are the numbers on the working scoreboard too small?

Is the Coors Light ad in Center Field getting in the way when you're batting?

Any other comments would be appreciated....

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love the stadium, just thought i'd add in some comments

i love the way the grass looks from afar, or the view of it when the ball is in the air... upclose, the texture seems a bit odd... i don;t have much problem with it though, so a change isn't necessary

with the trues cam, the numbers on the scoreboard arent even fully in view so the size is not an issue, for me atleast

i dont have any batting problems with the coors sign, i think it looks great

i also got a lot of cut scenes of the big A in my game, so the pepsi ad in between it was a great addition

thats all, cant wait for the night version

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looks great, wouldnt change a thing, but i guess you could ,lolz, anyways where did you ge those high res angles unis from, i need them for the freeway series coming up?, any help appreciated i dont really want to make them lolz,

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i found some mleeker unis , nevermind,

BTW cant say enough about the stadium, THE HOoTERS SIGN IS BAADDDDDDDD ASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! i dont know how you guys make thses stadiums, i tried it and it loookss like so much work!, Thanks again for the hard work!

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Keep in mind that I love this mod, it's absolutely awesome....but if I had to change one thing, it would be the grass texture...looks like my backyard....needs to be mowed badly :oops:

Don't feel embarassed...I asked for this. I agree with you. I wanted to do my own grass rather than use SM's, mainly because I wanted the mod to be all mine.

If I can't improve it myself, I'll probably end up asking SM if I can use his. I'm just concerned that his grass will slow down the game when combined with my other hi-res textures.

We'll see.

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