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Nasty Nationals:A Nationals Dynasty


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I've been tossing around the idea of one of these dynasties for a while now, and with the Nats season starting so poorly, I could use the recluse into fantasy land.

Before I start, I should tell you a little about how I play. I started out on the xBox, just switched to PC. Don’t expect a lot of big hits, since that skill somehow didn’t transfer from xBox. I can pitch pretty well, most games will be under five runs, unless I start giving up freak homeruns. I generally fare better with power pitchers, and tend to strike out about ten with them, and five with soft-tossers. I’ll rely on closers for the toughest out, whether that is in the 9th or 7th. I can generally get seven or eight good innings out of a starter, three out of a reliever if need be, and one with a closer.

I don’t tend to make a lot of trades, and I don’t tend to move people up and down in the system, except to grab a pitcher or two from AAA when someone goes on the DL.

I also try to lock up players that I have success with, rather than try to keep them on the free market. I like knowing what I need before the free agency starts.

I took a few minutes to decide what team to do. There was always the local Nationals, but lets face it, they aren't looking so hot right now. The Orioles are a good team, but no to many promising young stars other than Markakis and Penn. The Pirates have a great farm system, but I might not play long enough to see all them. The Yankees and BoSox are too easy, and I'm not very good at getting big stars. There are a bunch of teams between those two, such as the Tigers, but a local team will be more fun.

I'm sorry you had to read so much, I'm really bored right now, I'll just get down to the stats.


Team:Washington Nationals

Game type:Dynasty

Difficulty:Pro, I'll end up messin' with it depending on my success (or lack of)

Mods:The MVP 2005 to 2006 thing, Totte's amazing Ultimate Rosters 6.1 (with one or two edits), Totte's insanely beautiful ESPN overlay, BillHarris44 progression mod, Gcurrier2004's player portraits, and Trues hi-res ball

Number of Games:I'll play all 162 MLB ones, sim all minor league ones

Bank:80 Million at start

Whew, I think thats the longest post I've ever had. Hope you keep readings.

Also, check out my dynasty site at dynasty.nathanbent.net!

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My favorite NL team is the Mets (duh) but i'll wait to see how this goes. I'll cheer for ur team but plz keep the standings active, i wanna see how my Mets do

I'll have MVP Savereader on the site, and update after each series, so that should be no problem.

I can guareentee that they wont be as hot as in real life, though...

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I’ve made the site operable (its still pretty ugly), so I guess it’s time to get started with some Nationals notes. Heres what I plan for the opening day line-up;

Fielders (not in batting order)

Position-Name-Average/OBP/HR/RBI-Salery(Years/Million per year)-Notes-Grade (A-F)

Catcher-Brian Schneider-.268/.330/10/44-4/3.8-Brian Schneider was the recipient of one of the Nationals two big surprise contracts; 4/16. That is one of the Nationals highest, and around the league average for a catcher. When you look at his hitting stats, nothing warrents that, but when you look at his pitcher handling skills, thats a bargin. Schneider brought his pitchers ERA down by around 1.5 runs, which makes him a valuable asset, and gives his the starting job over LeCroy. Grade:B

First Base-Nick Johnson-.289/.404/15/74-3/4.5-Johnson was the other surprise contract recipient, and one of my favorite players. Had Nick played in a normal stadium, he’d have around 20 dingers, and hit maybe .310. Underated defensively at first, Nick’s only problem has been injury, most of them crazy freak ones. Since I have good luck in the game, look for him to play around 150 games.-Grade-B+

Second Base-Jose Vidro-.275/.325/7/32-2/7.8-Ohhhhh boy! This is one heck of a position, only being settled, what, three weeks ago? The Nationals traded Wilkerson for Soriano, without asking if Soriano would play the outfield, since second was taken by Jose. Soriano eventually said no… then yes, giving the base to Jose. Jose has also had a few injuries, mainly to his knee, limiting his playing time the last few years. Now he’s healthy, and should be much better. Jose is the only player I’ll ever call by his first name, I don’t know why.Grade-C(if still hurt)B(if all’s well and good)

Third Base-Ryan Zimmerman-.389/.419/0/6-3/.2-Zimmerman, or Dutch as I’ll call him (because Zimmerman takes forever to type) was given the position permanantly last winter when vet Vinny Castilla was traded, so obviously someone thinks he’s pretty good. Someone might become everyone if he can turn into the Brooks Robinson-esque player some project him as. He has some power, maybe 10 HRs if he’s lucky, and is above average defensively. To early really to expect anything, though. Grade-I have no idea, lets find out this year!

Shortstop-Christian (booooo!) Guzman-.219/.260/4/31-4/4-Every team has its strengths and weaknesses. This teams is Guzman. Guzman had the lowest batting average of any player last year, and hit half as many dingers as his previous season. He is injured in real life, but since the game doesn’t transfer, I’m stuck with him. Great.Grade-F–

Left Field-Alfonso Soriano-.268/.309/36/104-1/9.8-Soriano was the main topic of dicussion among the many Nationals fans this off-season. Will he play left? Will his HR count go down in spacious RFK? Will he bolt after the season? Now that the season has started, the questions should be answered soon. Soriano won’t hit for a great average, although that should go up in RFK, and his HRs will mostly come on the road. The Nationals got him because they believed they would compete this year… will they?Grade-B+

Center Field-Ryan Church-.287/.353/9/42-2/.3-Church officially lost his position during Spring Training, but who cares? Church should offer around 15 homers, invaluable to an offense that could be as anemic as last year. Church also hits for a decent average, and plays good D, but strikes out faster than I would like. He might steal a base or two in real life, but no chance in this game. He needs to start to preform at the level that was expected last year.Grade-C

Right Field-Jose Guillen-.283/.338/24/76-1/3.8-Guillen was brought in to carry this team offensively, and got an A for effort, but never really ted. Much of this can be attributed to wonderful RFK (he hit 21 HR on the road, 3 at home). His average should stay around .280, might climb up to around .300, but nothing crazy. This is also his walk year, and while he doesn’t need to hit 30 jacks to get a good price, it wouldn’t hurt.Grade-B

Pitching Staff (in order of how I remember them)


Name-Wins/Losses/ERA/WHIP/IP/K’s-Contract (years/millions per year)-Notes-Grade

Livan Hernandez-15/10/3.98/1.43/153-1/3.3-Livan has been one of the most dependable, consistant starters around. Besides leading the league in IP for the past three years, he has also led the Nats in Wins, and second in ERA. Livan’s knee has been bothered him last year, so his ERA and IP should get better. He is in his walk year, but theres a great chance I re-sign him.Grade-B

John Patterson-9/7/3.13/1.19/198.2/185-1/.4-Patterson was the unexpected ace of the staff last year. All the things that had been expected of him, great fast-ball, good curve, great change, all clicked together. He is a flyball pitcher, so expect better apearences at home. He is another Nat on the walk list, but has only 2 something years in the bigs, so he’s staying put. He should win much more that nine if he can keep his ERA below 3.5.Grade-B+

Tony Armas Jr.-7/7/4.97/1.52/101/59-1/3.9-The rotation really foggies up at this point. Both the third starter and his replacement are gone, due to FA and injury respectively (although Lawrence isn’t on the DL, since there isn’t a way to get him there). Armas Jr. had great expectations, but those were derailed due to-guess what?-injury! He won’t strike-out ten per game, but should get a few. Expect his ERA to go down a bit, and his win/loss ratio should turn more favorable. Anything can happen, and the Nats need Armas… maybe his luck will turn for the better?Grade-D or B (who knows?)

Ramon Ortiz-7/9/5.36/1.5/171/96-1/2.3-The bottom part of the rotation, to put it as gently as possible, is terrible. Ortiz has sufferes from a general lack of command, and stuff. He can eat innings, but expecting 200 would end in dissapointment. If I he suffers, I will most likely give his job to Rauch or Astacio. But hey, anythings possible, so maybe Ortiz will get some lucky outs, and that will snowball into a decent ERA.Grade-D-

Ryan Dreese-3/6/4.98/1.47/59.2/26-1/2.9-Dreese isn’t a bad pitcher. He can give you three or so fast innings, and can keep a game close if he goes in the fifth or so. His problem? He’s a terrible starter. He doesn’t have overwhelming stuff, and isn’t crazy deceptive. I’ll pencil him in, but keep the erasor close incase he has a few bad outings. Grade-C

Relievers-(I bet I spelled that wrong)

Position-Name-ERA/IP/K’s/Saves or Holds-Contract (years/millions per year)-Notes-Grade

Closer-Chad Cordero-1.89/74.1/59/47(!)-1/.4-Chad served as the unlikely heart of this team. When he struggled, the team struggled, when he was on (which was the case April-August), his team was on. He doesn’t really profile as a closer, since he didn’t strikeout a huge number, but he did the job. Cordero has a slider that, depending on who you talk to, is great, or amazing. He wont save 47, but 40 is reasonable. He will likely be signed long-term.Grade-B+

Set-up Man 1-Luis Alaya-2.66/71/40/22-2/.9-I know, Ayala is out. But I like to imagine (thats the point) that there’s no such thing as the WBC (When I hear that, I’ll just scream “LALALALALALAâ€). Ayala was one of the best relievers in the MLB, although I doubt anyone knows about him, even in Washington. Ayala is one of my favorite players, he didn’t complain about being terribly overused the last two years (90 IP in ‘04, 71 in ‘05), and didn’t complain when Robinson called him in during the end, when his elbow only allowed him to throw fast-balls. He would have been hammered had he not had such a great pitch, though. He should give the Nats 30 holds in the set-up role, and his ERA won’t go above 3. Grade-A

Set-up Man 2-Gary Majewski-2.93/86/50/23-2/.2-Theres a big theory, that overusing a pitcher early in his career ruins it. Frank Robinson says no. Majewski, 26, threw 86 innings, a team high for relievers. He also shares a common belief with me; that all relievers need a mullet. Majewski will be used to set-up games in the seventh, or eighth if Ayala’s tired. He has a good fast-ball and decent off speed pitches. He will also keep a decent ERA, most likely lower that last years 2.93. Grade-B

Middle Relief-Little note beside each ones, I’m tired of stats

* Felix Rodriguez-Good pitcher, most likely used in transition to Ayala or Cordero

* Joey Eichen-Good against lefties, or in critical situations

Long Relief

* John Rauch-Tallest pitcher in MLB history. Will be moved into rotation first if anyone struggles.

* Mike Stanton-Used against lefties.

DONE! Man, I would have to say that is the longest thing I have ever written. Dont expect it to be perfect or final. And excuse any typos, I’m really tired right now. Lets hope that this all transfers from Wordpress to phpBB well. Update-It didn't. Stupid HTML...

Also, I’ve started another piece, should be done soon. Season will start esta noche!

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I bet you had a fun time reading that last piece. Whew... that was a biggie. I'll try to keep this short...

In order to contend, the Nationals will need...

1. Front-line pitcher. The Nationals have a decent number three, and one or two prospects, but nothing great. All of the last teams that won the World Series have had a great number one-r (Buehrle, Shilling, whoever the Marlins had). The Nationals will look to either sign one this off-season, or trade for one. According to GM/Manager Nathan Bent (thats me!), Zimmerman, Cordero and Patterson are un-touchable.

2. Big batting centerfielder-The Nationals outfield is okay, but there is a serious lack of production in center. Wilkerson was suposed to be that man, but he was sent off to Texas. Church could be that man, but chances are against it.

3. An owner. Seriously Selig. We need an owner.

4. Upgrades in the end of the rotation. This will either come from deep within the farm system, or on the FA. The Rocket is still there. Just kidding!

It also wouldn't hurt to have

1. A new stadium. I don't see this playing out in the game, would be cool, though.

2. More bullpen depth, especially against lefties.

3. A good multi-tool backup. Like Jamey Carrol, although that won't happen.

That wasn't so painful, right? Again, lets hope this works in phpBB. Season will start tonight! It'll take a few games to get it down smooth, but I should post a series every week.

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