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San Francisco Giants 2006: Will Youth Help?


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Welcome to my second (my tampa bay save got corrupt) dynasty here on MVPMODS, now I may not be new to this but I am very new to the format that im going to be using on these forums (I am kind of ripping off Lual's format so I hope he doesnt mind *cowers*). I hope that i will be able to post all home games in the very flashy format and any away games in a less flashy setup.

Version:	 PC using EA Patch #5 and MVP:06 Mod

Difficulty:  All-Star

Sliders:	 Hoop27's MVP 06 Allstar Sliders V2.2

Datafile:	MVP:06

Rosters:	 Ultimate Rosters V6.2

Progression: Progression Fix V3, Free Agency Mod V0.1

Other:	   StrikeZone ON / Hot Colds OFF / Pitch Cursor FADE / Fielding AUTO / Fair Trades ON

That's all for now.



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Update May 3rd 2006:

San Francisco Giants:

Alright well you may have thought that i was going to post my dynasty on this page but you were wrong. I have more freedom over at dynasty manager with htm so i am doing it over there. Sorry for the inconvinience but it should be worth the read if you go over.

The first article is up explaing a few things and i will update all the stats possibly on friday or maybe even thursday morning if im up early enuogh. Enjoy the read.....


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