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  1. Emil


    Thanks buddy! Love it a lot!
  2. Emil


    I change my sig between every year and every second year.
  3. Emil


    Just in case could you write my name in small letters in one of the corners? And it would look great with a matching avantar :)
  4. Emil


    Could someone make me a Matt Cain signature, please?
  5. Emil


    Yea, that's hot!
  6. Emil


    Can I request a Cain signature?
  7. Emil


    I would like to request a Matt Cain, Omar Vizquel sig. Kinda the same style I have now with my Bonds, Schmidt sig.
  8. I'm chilling on All-Star. I'm a .750 player
  9. I wouldn't mind owning every team, but I think that will be too much to control. But I would love owning two teams, then me and a friend could play the same dynasty, like TP-series :D
  10. Gamebase released a tattoo mod. Does that means it will be possible to make 2x skintones?
  11. Emil


    kblavie, I would recommend a Giants sig ;)
  12. Could you show me a picture from another angle? It's hard to see how you hold you fingers
  13. How does the half-pitch break or what kind of movement has it?
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