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  1. I'm assuming that the ASF Exporter worked correctly?
  2. I am curious what you will be doing with this file? If I am correct this is an audio file, or rather a fIle that contains files inside that control other audio files. I don't remember what is inside of it but I'm sure I have it on my external hard drive.
  3. Has anyone tried to open the files to this game to mod it? I have it and it could use some help. I'd also like to extract the audio files from it for my collection.
  4. bump, with an added request - can someone show me a print screen of default generic faces?
  5. 1. In the FAQ What does this mean: "Dirt Marks - 427 gold/silver chain - 60, 341 [
  6. Hi, does this mod require MVP 2005 to be installed on your PC? There was one iteration of a mod that did not require you to have this already installed (I think), way back in the day. Thanks.
  7. Question to anyone that reads this. I'm using Cool Edit Pro 2.1. Should I only be converting .bin files? It looks like there are other audio files that are really interesting like "bootup" that could be edited. I noticed many file types named Amiga Audio File. Secondly, I noticed that I have the option to export as the defaulted quality (151) and I can choose to change the quality to 999 as high. Dumb quesiton, and I'm serious here....which should i pick, and what number between 0 and 999 should one use when using Cool Edit Pro 2.1?
  8. I was just about to buy 10 from ebay, but wonder if your or anyone reading this has 09 or 10, and the willingness to extract the audio files discussed above and send them to me, I'd $how some appreciation via paypay...
  9. Just to finalize this thread, Curjack, does raidersbball20's post help you out in teaching you what you want? Have a good day.
  10. One last question, has anyone opened these files and noticed them different from 2010-2012? Because if they're aren't much different, I can always get me a 2010 for dirt cheap and get to explore and work. Do any of these files require hex editing or the use of a program like Splitter?
  11. One question, if anyone in this thread is still active. Can you edit crowd ambiance, chants, cheers, rally's/organ music, PA announcers?
  12. Curjack, can you provide the link to the tutorial?
  13. Give us a link to the 2k10 please. Or rather, give me a link.
  14. pm sent, but i'm just going to ask for your asking price, condition of the game, and compare it with my desire to pay in your range.
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