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  1. it wont put it in game. it keeps saying the file is too big even after editing it to the same length as the original asf file
  2. It does but for some reason big gui wont open it. I even tried on a clean copy. Invalid header.
  3. how can i fix error 429 when i hit set mvp2005.exe button in walk up music changer?
  4. Never mind. I found that NHL07ASFExporter can open them
  5. seems any file with hdr in it wont open in big gui. some header error.
  6. i have it. I tried that. It said something about an invalid header.
  7. I tried BIGGui and that didn't work. Tried one of the programs in ASF Studio, only to find that an idx was missing. How would I open this, or where is the idx i need? Using MVP15 mod.
  8. How can I import the ballpark play by play for Arlington Stadium from the '84 mod into the other mods? I wanted to have Arlington stadium as a retro stadium.
  9. Yes. I was able to get past the securom.sys thing that was causing it.
  10. I am not using discs. im using iso's. The stadium, doesnt matter. crashed in TBIA (Ballpark in Arlington) or in Arlington Stadium. I've even tried in the 1984 mod. Did the instructions as instructed. Options are default. Yes I have, in terms of MVP 15. Followed instructions to a tee and still cant play a game. And on top of all that, MVPedit won't work even though i have mscotl or whatever the ocx is called,
  11. I have a few questions. First off, I can't play dynasty or season mode in any historical mod. the game crashes once the dynasty/owner mode starts. I figure this is because the year is wrong. example: playing in 1984, but the dynasty year set to 2005. Is there any way to change it? I can't get MVP15 working or TC 1988 to work. They crash once I start a game. Any fix?
  12. For some reason, it crashes in exhibition before the pre game, no matter what team I use. I did it exactly as the instructions said. Any help?
  13. its not for the jukebox i need. i wanted to do walkup music, etc
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