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  1. Yeah, I currently have 12 and 15 mods installed and were working until I recently tried to install the latest release and now none work and I played around too much in the registry. I want to try and clean out everything that isn't removed with the WIndows uninstalation of the base application. I still have to go through and manually remove some referenced settings after that. The laptop I play it on started as Windows 8 and then I messed up some things after Windows 10 was accidentally upgraded to so I might just refresh the OS and start over from factory. I just wasn't sure if someone ev
  2. Has anyone put together a script to uninstall everything everywhere, including registry entries and the such? I have been trying to reload the game and a couple mods but I have done so on this laptop many, many times over the years and I am not ruling that being the problem I am having. I want to do multiple installs of different TCM versions in different folders to see if it is something with my installation skills that is wacky but I haven't done so successfully with everything buggered and entries manually changed up dating back to about 2014. I've got EASPORTS folders all over the place
  3. A few years late but did anyone find a solution to the "009.fsh" error when running TiT on this mod?
  4. Sure do. Dell Latitude E6410 Windows 7 (sp1) 64-bit Intel Core i7 CPU M620 @ 2.67GHz 2 Core, 4 processors 4 GB RAM Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD 60GB HDD (6GB free) I might try something stupid and hope it doesn't bit me in the behind with my devices...
  5. I am aware of the freezing that is corrected sometimes by installing explodeme through a desktop directory. I do not think this is the same issue. Before I delete what I did with my install and try it again via desktop install I was asking if anyone has had this issue where the result ended up being something video related and not necessarily mod related. I've been around 9 years on here and I do search before posting but if a search result comes up blank I then post about what's going on. I should have mentioned that I already read through posts and did a search for what my ailment was a
  6. So I made the move to a new laptop and grabbed the MVP 13 mod instead of hanging onto MVP 08. So I get all installed and setup perfectly... However, every 7 to 10 seconds it freezes for 2 or 3 seconds. I can be clicking through things in Manage Rosters or while inside a Dynasty or even if I just move my mouse around the screen it will still freeze and unfreeze without even have done anything. The game does not crash and I have no problems with starting a game up but in-game it also freezes. I thought it might have been the graphics options or something to do with my video driver or even
  7. With the MVP 13 mod, I was at the understand it needed to be done from a folder on the desktop. That is what I have been reading, anyway. The path to the desktop contains the local username, which is where the first.last issue is with the "." being part of the directory path. I could put it anywhere I wanted to after i have done what I needed to with the folder on the desktop but I cannot do an install to My Documents, nor could I run MVP 13 mod install to the desktop.
  8. MVP13.7z can write content to my C:Usersfirst.lastMy DocumentsMVP folder. Then when I run explodeme, it gives me an error about having a "." in my install directory path that it is trying to unpack to.
  9. So I have worn out the MVP 08 mod installed on my work notebook (shhh). I grabbed the MPV 13 mod in hopes of seeing how cool this new release is. Well, the issue revolves around how my company changed our AD accounts to "first.last"... When I tried to unpack the MVP 13 mod it gave me a hard time and errored out because my username has a "." in it. Has anyone ran into this issue and if so did you find a way to bypass the situation?
  10. Good question. I have just pondered but never tried to figure out how it actually works. Looking forward to someone answering.
  11. Ok. So now that I am up and running on another PC with the mod, it is fantastic. Great job by all who have been involved. I do have one last question, though. What happened to the Pitcher / Stamina / At Bat bar at the bottom of the screen? Was this omitted purposefully?
  12. Ok. Since I am sure everyone is on the edge of their seats to hear whether or not I can get this to work on my PC. I finally was able to test this on another PC. I installed the game on my external hard drive and then the 2012 mod. I could not run it from my PC and still had the same crashing problems. I took the external hard drive to another PC and it ran fine, with the CD in the drive and accessing the .exe on the external drive. Now we are at this point: What on my PC is not allowing me to run this specific mod when I can easily re-install '08 and it runs fine. That is the quest
  13. Just tried it again with your suggestion, no dice. I removed the Options and Profile out of the My Documents/MVP Baseball 2005 folder and booted up the game. It boots ok to the main screen. I went into Manage Rosters, Create/Edit Player, selected a player and it crashed out on it. I don't know how I am the only one having this problem. That to me is bizarre. If I wasn't such an addict I would have given up by now. (:
  14. Yeah. Still no dice. I tried also to install it to an external hard drive and that did not work. That tells me it is something with my PC or the downloads I have. Anyway, this is what I am doing... Originally I uninstalled the '08 MOD. After a couple failures I swept through the registry to clean it up. Fresh install if MVP 2005. Ran EA Patch 3. Unpacked MVP12.7z. Ran explodeme.exe TiT patch 1 TiT patch 2 Ran game and it is the 2012 mod that comes up... Clicked on Play Now, Go!... loading screen starts, kicks me out completely. Tried to go into Rosters and create/edit a
  15. No dice with a clean install. Are you running the install, then EA Patches 2, 3, 4 5 before unpacking the MOD and then running patch 1 and patch 2?
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