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Houston Astros: The Diamonds In The Sky


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Since the off days of the New York Yankees Dynasty are killing me and I am far ahead, I will be posting summaries of the Houston Astros Dynasty I am starting up. It will probably be a once in a few days thing with a summary of at least one of every series I play, meaning one game out of the three.

Don't worry, I do have a social life, I just happen to do this very fast. Hopefully this will move faster than the Yankees dynasty, as this will be simmed for the majority of the schedule, but will be very detailed. Sliders and whatnot will be posted in a few hours.

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Here's some options. I'm in a hurry, I will post the rest before my opening day recap:

Difficulty: All Star

Pitch Meter Difficulty +50

Pitch Speed +20

User Fatigue -30

User Control +50 (I'm horrible with the new meter)

User Steal Delay -10

CPU Steal Delay -10

CPU Steal Rate +50 (Nobody runs in this game)

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