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Scratch N Sniff Pics.


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Dear Diary,

I don't have the words to explain what has become of my team. I don't know what to do, how to fix what has been done, and I certainly don't know who to go to.

Tension is high on the team. No one gets along with anyone. The players fight in the locker room, argue on the field. The pitchers blame the bullpen, the bullpen blames the coaching staff, and I blame myself for what we have become. Tonight's game was another from hades. You see, first what started as just another on field celebration...


Turned into an uncomfortable moment for our closer...


Which is where things got out of control..


and things went so far that everybody started fighting...


Even the ump joined in on the brawl, which was NOT my fault no matter what the press said...


But I don't know. You know it is bad when your closer knocks our your Monster sized first basemen, runs around the field just because he got one good punch to knock him out and acts like Rocky while the crowd is cheering this madness on...


I mean- the whole team is corrupt and I just dont' know what to do...


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