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AL West Photoset Pack


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I will begin work on all of the AL West teams and then release it as one big file. I've already done seattle but I will redo it to have no grey borders and have an installer file. I will release all of the files seperate and then as the pack. :D

BTW, Has anyone heard from Devil24 lately, he said he was 98% done on his nl west set about a week ago...

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Ok, i will do boston, then cleveland and the AL West photoset pack. For boston I have pics for everyone but,

Willy Corporan

Manny Delcarmen

Mickey Hall

Eric Johnson

Jon Lester

Luis Mendoza

David Murphy

Jon Papelbon

Hanley Ramirez

Luis Soto

Chad Spann

Beau Vaughan

If anyone has these it would be appriciated :D

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