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yes,but i want to use this datafile for tc 05.

You don't understand. What stecropper is saying (at least what I THINK he is saying) is that the *61 mod does not include a datafile. Whatever datafile you were using before you installed the *61 mod is used by the *61 mod. If you didn't install a datafile, then the default datafile that was installed when you installed the game is used.

Don - please correct me if I've misstated anything here.

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Jim825 --- As normal you are Dead on Target Center correct !!!

What he might be noticing could be just the difference in the Rosters effect.

I personally still use KSM's V.05 datafile which seem to provide me the greatest degree of realism and accuracy with these Rosters. Although I am strickly a CPU vs CPU style player.

But again, None of the Total Classics Versions alter the datafile in anyway as best I know it to be.


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