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Classic / old time mods and teams


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fellas, to save time and work, please remember if you are

creating the older roster sets (team .met files, pics, etc.)

look at the two 'classic ' roster sets created by capa, stecropper

and myself. there are over 50 teams here and much time went into

the development of each roster. so the players are good

representations thereof.

this could / will save alot of time.

fuzz, rolie, yanks1979, & the rest you guys are doing a great job!

just do not want to see you do over what has already been done

(met files, pics)

also, will be trying to get some pics uploaded for many of these

teams in the near future.

here are a couple sites with older pics:





anyone interested in doing a few faces please let me know.

have been trying to get some done. maybe a couple dozen total.

mantle, mays, rose, etc.

if you can and would like to try some, please let me know.

and 'shirley' i am seroious (mr nielsen)

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the photos will have to be installed manually. the reason is the

portrait.big file is large after adding many photos. i am finishing

a few teams and hope to have two files uploaded to mvp.mods

very soon.

maybe i can release a portrait.big file to go along

with the .met files (actual rosters created with mvp edit 18)

i had gone over some pics to use a few names. not many though.

of course before you load any file(s)

always back-up originals.

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