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Nothing for a while at least


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Sorry to anyone waiting for Dodger Stadium updates or my menu music

mod, I am having some serious problems in my life right now and I am

not able to think straight enough to do any serious work right now.

Please read the following post if you want insight into what is going on and

thanks a bunch to those who have complimented me on my previous work.


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good luck it will take a lot of work but you can do it. i used to have the same problem. one of the biggest things right now is to lay off booze and drugs (where my problems started). cause when you're smashed or stoned it will only make you want to make things better but really only make things worse, if u know what i mean. try to stay busy and give it time to cool down some.

you know i was always a hardheaded dude thinking everyones's advice was bullshit. but a piece of advice an old boss of mine gave me when he saw how self-destructive my problems were becoming that really worked, was this management training "brainwashing" technique: "whenever you want to act compulsively (lash out/ yell/ scream/ hit whatever) stop and walk away; even if it means getting in your car and going for a drive. DO NOT try to resolve it right away, wait until you can think rationally. once you can do this (or anything else) 10 times in a row without interruption; it will become habit". it really helped for me, because i would do something bad, then try to fix it cause i felt terrible, she wouldn't respond, then i'd do it all over again. so i tried it: argument-stop- get in truck- drive away- cool down come back- try again. and after 10 times it really started to become a habit. maybe it was all in my head, but his advice worked. try it next time, see if it helps. good luck bro.

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