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Anybody feel like making a Banner for an Indians Dynasty?


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I am getting things ready for an upcoming Cleveland Indians dynasty I will be doing soon and I have been messing around with a Banner for it for some time now tonight. I am thinking of something like the Banner on there website, minus the 'Official Site of the Cleveland Indians' thing it has. So something like that, or something brand new it does not matter. And I can add the text for my title or w/e later if I want one.

I will mention you in the Dynasty and will be thankful.

Heres the banner on their site, let me know if anyone wants to whip up something quick, it doesn't have to be great and elaborate.


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I made One that I will probably use - Only thing is I am enver happy with my text. SO if anyone would like to add what I did in another kind of text that looks good that would be cool. Otherwise what do you guys think?

Heres the final:


Heres one without text:


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Yea I didnt want to use the one from the website because everyone does that.

Hokie I will probably end up using that, but I will let you know, and thanks a lot, it looks great - I definatly have to starting using a lens flare or something, it looks like you did something like that on the guys.

I mainly just did one because I havn't worked with photoshop in over a year so I got it back and played around a bit. So my stuff is alittle rough, but this is one thing I found that I made back in the day - I was never the greatest anyway, but heres a few I liked from before:




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