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The New York Mets: A birth of a dynasty


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To build a dynasty the Mets have needed to improve in many ways. With key transactions like Carlos Delgado and Billy Wagner the Mets are ready to be in the same class as their crosstown foe the Yankees.

Opening Day Roster

Jose Reyes

Kazou Matsui

Carlos Beltran

Carlos Delgado

David Wright

Cliff Floyd

Xavier Nady

Paul Lo Duca

Julio Franco

Jose Valentin

Ramon Castro

Endy Chavez

Miguel Cairo

Pitching Staff

Pedro Martinez

Tom Glavine

Aaron Heilman

Steve Trachsel

Victor Zambrano

Jorge Julio

Chad Bradford

Duaner Sanchez

Pedro Feliciano

Mike DeJean

Botolome Fortunato

Billy Wagner

2006 Team Goals

These are goals that we want to achieve in three years Win 1 World Series-A big goal but we are trying to build a dynasty. Sweep a rival four times-we want to dominate our most hated teams and last goal is Hit 600 HRs as a team-a tough goal but it will be fun smashing a few!

I will have an update on opening day coming up in the next two days so keep your eyes peeled.

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aww the sweet smell of pine tar. Baseball fans know when they smell this its baseball season. Opening day is so American its almost like a second fourth of July.

Opening day for the Mets(0-0) and Reds(0-0) went like this.

MLB_New_York_Mets.jpgvs CincinnatiReds61and92-.GIF

Mets Starting Pitcher

Pedro Martinez

Mets Lineup

[align=left]Jose Reyes-SS[/align]

[align=left]Kaz Matsui-2B[/align]

[align=left]Carlos Beltran-CF[/align]

[align=left]Carlos Delgado-1B[/align]

[align=left]David Wright-3B[/align]

[align=left]Cliff Floyd-LF[/align]

[align=left]Xavier Nady-RF[/align]

[align=left]Paul Lo Duca-C[/align]

[align=left]Pedro Martinez-SP[/align]

Reds Starting Pitcher

Eric Milton

[align=justify]Reds Lineup[/align]

[align=left]Dangleo Jimenez-2B[/align] [align=left]Felipe Lopez-SS[/align] [align=left]Sean Casey-1B[/align] [align=left]Ken Griffey Jr.-CF[/align] [align=left]Adam Dunn-LF[/align] [align=left]Willy Mo Pena-RF[/align] [align=left]Joe Randa-3B[/align] [align=left]Jason LaRue-C[/align] [align=left]Eric Milton-SP[/align]

Inning By Inning Action

1st Inning-Mets lead off the game with two straight outs then Carlos Beltran slams a double to left center field, Milton came back and got Delgado to ground out ending the inning. Reds come up in the the home half of the inning felipe lopez and ken griffey jr single back to back and it looks like trouble for pedro martinez but he battles back and gets casey to ground out. Score 0-0

2nd Inning

Cliff Floyd comes up with no one on and one out and smashes a ball to right it seems high enough and it is barely sneaking over the right field wall for his 1st homer of the season. THe next two batters go down quietly for the Mets and its on to the bottom of the second. The Reds go one to three in the second, hopefully Pedro has calmed down. Score 1-0 Mets.

3rd Inning

A big inning for the mets as Matsui doubles with two outs then Beltran comes up and crushes a two run shot over the right field wall. Delgado singles but is stranded on first. The Reds come up looking for an answer but there isnt one as Pedro guns them down again one two three. Score 3-0 Mets.

4th inning

things are more quiet in the inning then with two outs Lo Duca singles followed by Martinez singling up the middle but are left stranded on base. The Reds are once again gunned down one two three for a third straight inning Score 3-0 Mets.

5th inning

The inning is quiet for both teams as both go one two three.

6th inning

David Wright leads the inning off with a slap single but is caught in a double play with one out and the mets are down Eric Milton is out of the game and Kent Mercker is in. The Reds come up looking for something and they get it with two straight singles by lopez and griffey jr. Sean Casey comes up and pops out on the infield. Then Adam Dunn comes up and singles hard to right but lopez is held at third. Now with two outs Pedro is in a jam but gets out of it with an easy pop up to left inning over Score 3-0 Mets

7th inning

The Mets and Reds go quietly again as we say good bye to Pedro who was better than good he was great in his first start on the season. In comes Pedro Feliciano to do the rest.

8th inning

Matsui leads off the inning with a double and Beltran comes up and singles but Matsui is left on third. Beltran steals second and Delgado comes up and hits a Sac Fly to score Matsui Beltran also tagged up moving to third on the play. David Wright comes up and hits a grounder to second Beltran is able to score and then Cliff Floyd pops out ending the inning.The Reds do nothing again and go one two three.Score 5-0 Mets.

9th inning

We jump straight to the bottom of the ninth because the Mets go one two three. Griffey singles with one out then Dunn Comes up and grounds into a 4-6-3 double play to end the game.

Mets Win!!!5-0

Mets Box Score

2B-Kaz Matsui-2(2),Carlos Beltran-1(1)

HR-Carlos Beltran-1(1) Cliff Floyd-1(1)

RBI-Carlos Beltran-2(2) Carlos Delgado-1(1) David Wright-1(1)

Cliff Floyd-1(1)

SF-Carlos Delgado-1(1)

SB-Carlos Beltran-1(1)

Mets Pitchers

Pedro Martinez(W 1-0)- 6.2 IP 5-SO 5-Hits 0-ER

Pedro Feliciano(S 1)- 2.1 IP 2-SO 1-Hit 0-ER

Reds Box Score

Pounded out six singles thats it

Reds Pitchers

Eric Milton(L 0-1) 6.0 IP 0-SO 8-Hits 3_ER

Kent Mercker- 2.0 IP 0-SO 2-Hits 2-ER

Luke Hudson- 1.0IP 0-SO 0-Hits 0-ER

More updates later

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oh i didnt know u were using an xbox but if you have a cameraphone to take a picture with just do this:

send it to an email address you have

save it as a jpeg, you might need paint for it.

then host it on an image upload site (i use imageshack) and post it here.

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mets_logo.jpgvs Reds_logo.jpg

Mets(1-0) Reds(0-1)

Mets Starting Pitcher

Tom Glavine

Reds Starting Pitcher

Paul Wilson

Mets Lineup

Jose Reyes-SS

Kaz Matsui-2B

Carlos Beltran-CF

Carlos Delgado-1B

David Wright-3B

Cliff Floyd-LF

Xavier Nady-RF

Paul Lo Duca-C

Tom Glavine-SP

Reds Lineup

Deangelo Jimenez-2B

Felipe Lopez-SS

Sean Casey-1B

Ken Griffey Jr.-CF

Adam Dunn-LF

Willy Mo Pena-RF

Joe Randa-3B

Jason LaRue-C

Paul Wilson-SP

Pre-game analysis-Xavier Nady had no hits in game one and I had big hopes for him to get off to a hot start so look for him to pound a few in this one. As well as Tom Glavine the veteran left hander, he will be facing a Reds team that has some lefties in i.e. Casey,Dunn,Griffey Jr. those should be three he should get out and if he doesnt it could be trouble.

Inning By Inning Action

1st inning

Jose Reyes leads off and hammers a single up the middle but is caught stealing by jason larue.The next two outs were easy groundballs to short and the mets were done in the first. The Reds though came out firing Deangelo Jimenez led the game off for the Reds with a solo homerun. Then Felipe Lopez singled but was caught in a double play by Sean Casey.The next out was easy.Score 1-0 Reds.

2nd Inning

The Mets go quietly with two pop outs and a groundout. But the Reds continue with Willy Mo Pena smashing a homerun off of Glavine. Making it 2-0 Reds. Glavine settled down and got three straight outs ending the inning. Score 2-0 Reds.

3rd inning

Paul Lo Duca singles with one out and Glavine sacrifices him over to second but was left stranded. The Reds went down in order 1-2-3. Score 2-0 Reds.

4th inning

Carlos Beltran with one out singles up the middle and then steals second easily for his second steal of the season. Two batters later with two outs David Wright hammers a homerun over the left field wall tying the game. The Reds in their half come back though with Griffey Jr and Adam Dunn going back to back with singles. Pena grounds out but is able to move the runners over. Then Joe Randa grounds to Carlos Delgado who throws Jr. out at the plate, the Reds strand Dunn on third and Randa on first to end the inning. Score 2-2

5th inning

In the fifth inning both teams go quietly 1-2-3. Score 2-2

6th inning

Reyes singles to lead off the inning and then three batters later with two outs Carlos Delgado smashes a Paul Wilson offering way over the right field fence. Giving the Mets their first lead of the ball game. The Reds could only get a single from Griffey Jr. in their half of the 6th.Score 4-2 Mets

7th inning

Cliff Floyd to lead off the inning hits a solo home run over the right field fence. Then Lo Duca singles and with one out Glavine again sacrifices him over to second. But he is again stranded.The Reds go one two three and are starting to fade.Score 5-2 Mets.

8th inning

beltran singles with one out.Then Delgado comes up and doubles him home and increase the lead. David Wright comes up and singles,then with two outs finally Xavier Nady doubles scoring Wright to make is 7-2.The Reds against now Jorge Julio go one two three. Score 7-2 Mets.

9th inning

The Mets are on cruise control and they go one two three the Reds try to make one last push and griffey singles but adam dunn grounds into a double play. two outs pena singles but randa grounds to second ending the game.

Final Score 7-2 Mets win!!

Mets Box Score

2B-Delgado-1(1) Nady-1(1)

HR-Delgado-1(1) Wright-1(1) Floyd-1(2)

RBI-Delgado-3(4) Wright-2(3) Floyd-1(2) Nady-1(1)




Mets Pitching

Glavine(W1-0) 7.0IP 4-SO 6-Hits 2-ER

Jorge Julio 2.0IP 0-SO 2-Hits 0-ER

Reds Box Score

HR-Jimenez-1(1) Pena-1(1)

RBI-Jimenez-1(1) Pena-1(1)

Reds Pitching

Wilson(L0-1) 7.0IP 4-SO 8-hits 4-ER

Valentine 2.0IP 0-SO 4-Hits 3-ER

more updates later

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