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1984 Cubs package version 1.0 released


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Woohoo, I'm finally a contributer to MVPmods :D If you have any suggestions, comments, or anything else, post it here.

Also, the wrong .met file was origonally included, so if you downloaded it before 1PM central time on today (the 8th), you will want to re-download it.

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Is it a good picture? I desperately need a Larry Bowa pic with the Cubs. The one I have is terrible. I also could use better pics of:

Thad Bosley

Warren Brusstar

Mel Hall

Richie Hebner

Steve Lake

Gary Matthews

Chuck Rainey

Rick Rueschel

Lee Smith

If you have any of those, let me know.



P.S. Anyone know how I make Gary Matthews have black skin? In the game he has a black head and a white body. I used Gary Matthews Jr.'s face for him, if that makes a difference.

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