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Bob Turley's Unhittable Wormburner!

Cash #25

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I was hitting against the Yanks' Bob Turley and several times he threw an amazing pitch. The thing momentarily disappeared, then appeared to roll up to the plate. Meanwhile the ball cursor appeared within the strike zone and the umpire called it a strike. I didn't take note of what kind of pitch caused this, but I did go into player edit and discovered he has a changeup with a velocity of 3 mph. :lol:

Not entirely sure this is what caused the strange pitch action, but it's my best guess. Y'all should probably check your ratings for Turley.......BEFORE trying to hit him. :wink:

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Hey Guys,

Thanks for the insight.

Absolute ERROR on my part. Turley has 5 pitches and when I added that ChangeUP I must have finger checked on the velocity and never noticed. His velocity for his changeup, according to my formulas, should be "73".

But isn't it great how the game actually performs precisely as you build a particular player.

Sorry for the mistake but hope you are enjoying your *61 Season.



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Hi 112155,

Glad to hear you are leading the Dodgers to the National League Pennant. Would like to hear some of your stats.

The 1967 Rosters will probably be completed by the end of this month. But in order to release a full Season Mod it would take a whole lot of effort on others part besides just me. No one has really held their hand up stating they would like to provide the Portraits, Uniforms, Theme Screens, Season Schedule, Music etc etc etc.

Regardless if we make a Full Season Mod of 1967 like we did with *61 (which I think was just a beautiful thing to behold - Thanks to Sandman & Hory mainly) or not - I will likely release the Roster Set stand alone with perhaps a 1967 models.big file to accompany it for cyberface assignments and such. Then it would be onto the 1964 Rosters followed by the 1969 Season.

Thanks Again & any sharing of your *61 Season Highlights/Stats would be greatly appreciated. I have really enjoyed following 69Yanks Season.


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Here are a few of my stats with 90 games played. The Dodgers lead the National league by 6.5 over the Reds. The Yanks lead the Orioles by 3.5 and the Tigers by 4.5, W. Sox by 5.5. MLB leaders at 90 games for batting

AVG> W Herzog .378

HR R Fairly 28

RBI S. Musial 78

SB M. Wills 93

Runs V Pinson 85

Hits W. Herzog 135

2B R. Snyder 34

3B D. Howser 8

MLB Leaders for pitching

ERA Daley 1.82

Wins J. Podres 15

SV B Henry 25

SO F. Lary 113

CG J Podres 13

SHO D Drysdale 3

IP S. Koufax 191.2

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Hi Darkslide820,

The formula for a pitchers velocity within MVPEdit is actually based on his strikeout ratio.

This was about the best assumption we could come up with.

Then that ratio is adjusted and applied within the span of the range of speeds for the different pitch types.

Obviously this method is far from being accurrate but with the given stats we had to work with it at the time that was basically the best we could come up with.

The actual formula went something like this:

IPouts / 3 = IP

K / IP = %KPI

RoS * %KPI + PTSS = Velocity for Each Pitch

IPouts = Individual Pitched Outs

IP = Innings Pitched

K = Strikeouts

%KPI = Percentage of K's Per Inning

RoS = Range of Speed (different for each pitch type within the game)

PTSS = Pitch Type Slowest Speed (also different for each pitch type)

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