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Katrina funds pay for sex change?


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Those Frauds were from all over the country including even people presently in Prisons.

Just wanted to make certain it was not perceived as a Louisiana Thing !

We have enough issues presently with recovering from our image of political corruptness and such ....... but of course we are no more politically corrupt here in Louisiana than most other places throughout America ---- it's probably just a result of our open willingness to make Fun of our politicians --- But of course our reputation for knowing how to & always finding a reason for having Fun & Passin' a Good Time is also fairly well publicized .........

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The thing to remember is that while some of the funds were abused, some were used to help people survive. There will always be corruption in every system, but there are also those who need the system.

yep just a little corruption. to the tune of between 600 million to 1.4 billion dollars.

i'm not really leaning either way about this. i think it's just another example of how poorly everything was handled from the bottom up.

i can tell you one thing though. having lived in san antonio while this was going on, and san antonio was one of the cities that "opened it's arms" to the hurricane victims. i saw a lot of crazy things going on in town. some things like theft etc. were semi understandable- i mean people were homeless. then there were the fights and stabbings at the shelters. crime rate increased about 10% in houston and san antonio after the hurricane. anyhow some of that like i said can be understood due to the circumstances that the people were thrown into.

but, what really dismayed me was a large group from new orleans i would see every night at my local bar. they were laughing about the whole thing partying it up, saying how it was the greatest thing to happen to them. all the while using their relief debit card to buy drinks all night. at first i thought i was mistaken about the debit card but, the bar owner happens to be a friend of mine and he confirmed what i saw. he also stated that the bars in town were all raking it in since san antonio started housing hurricane victims.

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