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fuzz classic roster for x-box


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but i didnt even release my classic roster for pc yet?

lol. will upload now.not currently working on converting for xbox, but it's an idea.

everyone should download the classic roster set when it is avaliable. mantle, mays, maris, dimaggio, ted williams, hank aaron, clemente. the 1927 yankees, the 1941 red sox and yankees, 1954 giants, 1957 braves, 1919 white sox (black sox), 1974 oakland a's. that's just the begining. it's a complete 30 team package. i've been playing with fuzz for a few days now and we end up playing 3 or more games a night. not only are the teams and players there, but there's logos and player portraits. right now i have the test version but i want to download the completed version as soon as it is available. oh yeah one more thing, a lot of the classic unis have been made already so you can apply them to your teams. to name a few, the 57 braves, 61 yankees, theres a 1939 yankees uni made that goes great with the 1941 team. it is a lot of fun. if you dont get it you are missing out big time!

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